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    Grand Rapids MN Fishing Report 6-2-21


    As the early summer heat is upon us, it’s time to make sure you are spending time on the water, Walleye fishing has been excellent on area lakes and it only seems to get better as the weeks roll on. There has been miner bug hatches occurring and paying attention to locations walleyes are starting to occupy can make a difference. Leeches and crawlers fished on a slip sinker rig can be your best option in the coming weeks and the jig and minnow bite will decrease. Hair Jigs moved quickly can trigger strikes and one of the best is the Moon Tail from VMC. Some of the lakes that continue to offer good walleye fishing are Trout Lake in Coleraine, Big Winnie, Bowstring, Round, and Big Splithand. Because of low water conditions and lack of rain, check the launch ramps before putting in as not to possibly damage you prop or skeg.

    Northern Pike have been providing good action on area lakes and many times are mixed in with the walleyes. Jig and minnow produces bites from the toothy critters but applying a slight change can help you not lose additional tackle. Change up a modification on your leader by going to a section of 17# mono which will help you not get as many bite offs. It will be a handy option when fishing jig and minnow combinations and most often doesn’t affect your walleye options at the same time. Casting spoons or jerk baits over new emerging weed beds also is a good presentation.

    Bass fishing has been excellent and as the weather warms up, both species largemouth and smallmouth will be very active. Female smallmouth are still on the beds so make sure you take a photo and release them right where you caught them. Largemouth Bass will soon going shallow to spawn as the water temperatures get into the upper 60’s to near 70. Ned rigs and Hair jigs are great ealy season baits to fish for Smallies, and top water on calm mornings can be lots of fun. Throwing light spinner baits and shallow crankbaits can be very effective especially with early season bass fishing when the fish are shallow. Many lakes in the Grand Rapids area offer good bass fishing and some for both species. Wabana, Deer, Pokegama, and Trout lake give you best options for both.

    The weather is heating up and so is the fishing. Get out on the water in the weeks to come and be safe.