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    Grand Rapids Fishing Report 5-25-21

    This Week’s Grand Rapids Fishing Report brought to you by Tom Neustrom, owner of professional fishing guide service: MN Fishing Connections.

    We have begun the march into the season and so far fishing has been good but a mixed bag with weather. All in all the reports have been encouraging and several species have been cooperating for anglers. Walleyes have been rather up and down especially with the weather changes we have been experiencing. Water temperatures have been up and down but realistically the fish still have to eat. Many lakes have seen a complete change in the walleyes location and bait preferences can readily change as well. Normally jig and minnow is the stable presentation early in the season, but not this year totally. In the last several days leeches have also been a good choice. Whether slip sinker rigs and a leech or crawler it will be soon the better choice over jig and minnow. Some of the lakes with great opportunity to catch walleyes are Big Winnie, Big Splithand, Round, Bowstring, Wabana, Trout, and Big Jessie. All of the mentioned lakes have a good population of walleyes and different presentations to catch them. Memorial Day weekend always projects good fishing.

    Panfish are spawning and crappies especially are beginning their annual movement shallow. A small jig and minnow or plastic action tails below a lite slip bobber can be the ticket to terrific early season crappie fishing. Look for emerging pencil reeds and gravel to hold numbers of crappies spawning.  Many times they can be as shallow as 2 feet, but watch for cool down from a cold front that can push them out to 4-6 feet temporarily.

    Bass fishing will continue to heat up and this season, because of the early ice out and warm temperatures, we are about 1-2 weeks ahead of schedule. Smallmouth are on the beds in most area lakes and should be caught and immediately released after a quick photo as to let the spawning continue. A small tube jig, Ned Rig, or 4 inch Whacky Worm all produce this time of year. Some of the good Smallmoth Lakes in te area are Pokegama, Deer, Wabana, Trout, and Turtle.

    Memorial Day weekend is a great time to get together with family and friends. Please be safe and enjoy the time together.