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    Grand Rapids Fishing Report 7-15-21

    This week’s Grand Rapids Fishing Report is brought to you by Tom Neustrom owner of professional guide service, MN Fishing Connections.

    Feeling the heat seems to be an everyday conversation and no rain. One thing that is for sure that the bite on most lakes for a multiple of species hasn’t really slowed down, but locations have changed and continue to do so. Always remember that fish seek comfort zones and food which is their driving force of existence.

    Some species of fish tolerate warm water than others. Panfish and largemouth bass seem to do much better in higher water temperatures. Walleyes are notorious for seeking multiple water temperatures and will occupy different water columns and temperatures. Many of our lakes in the north are spring fed and can vary with locations that walleyes will go. Right now with surface temperatures in the mid to upper 70’s there is a transition that may occur causing walleyes and northern pike to go shallow and stay there throughout the rest of the summer and early fall. Working spinners and a chub, small shiner, or half a crawler can be the search lure to locating shallow walleyes and pike. Tie your rigs with 15-17 pound test mono as to avoid most bite offs from pesky northerns. Deeper walleyes that will tend to stay suspended in deeper water can be enticed with a leech and slip bobber. Always keep your presentation above the fish for they will noy chase anything down. Many lakes can offer both presentations as an option, so make sure you bring assorted ammunition with you. Some of the lakes that are supporting good populations of walleyes are Pokegama, Big Winnie, Bowstring and Trout. Give them a try and you may be surprised how well you do.

    If you are planning on coming north for a vacation or short term visit, make sure you call ahead for availability. Many of the resorts are full all the way through Labor Day and planning ahead may save disappointment. VRBO’s and resorts are experiencing a higher that normal rate of requests. Camp sites are also tough to get into so make sure you reserve a site or call ahead.

    Fishing is one of the attracting destinations for the Grand Rapids area but there are hiking trails, ATV, trails, canoeing, kayaking, and shopping galore. WE have a community that opens up their doors for everyone and opportunities for the entire family.