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Winter Trail Reports for the Grand Rapids & Itasca County Area

Snowmobiling Trails

The Itasca County Snowmobile trails open officially December 1, 2021. However, because of the hundreds of miles of snowmobile trails that cross over bogs and lakes, the trails officially open once it is safe to cross those water ways. Please make sure that your snowmobile registrations are up to date. Click HERE to find out information about MN Snowmobile registration. Please consider joining an Itasca Snowmobile Club to help support the local trail grooming and maintenance.

Itasca County Snowmobile Trail Map

Cross Country Skiing Trails 

Itasca County Cross Country Ski Map

This winter has just begun, and we are crossing our fingers for good snow depths. Remember to purchase your MN Ski Trail Pass. You must have to ski on these trails. Please support the Itasca cross-country ski trails by considering being a member of the Northern Lights Nordic Ski Club

Monday November 15, 2021 – Some colder temps helped set up the trails. The bunny hill and the upper loop are groomed. Some dirt and grass was poking through, which was shoveled tonight. But overall a great day of early season skiing. Because of the warm temperatures there will be no skiing after 10 AM tomorrow! Absolutely NO hiking or biking on the groomed trails! There is not enough snow to groom again until we get more snow!

Saturday September 25, 2021 – All trails cleared by volunteers Saturday September 18. Thanks to all the volunteers. Should make for great fall hiking.

Sunday September 12, 2021 – North Suomi from parking lot to Orange Lake Road and around Adele Lake, Balloon Lake and Beaver Pond loops have been cleared of many fallen trees. A few more trees are yet to be removed by USFS before mowing or grooming but are easily circumvented. Hikers could be helpful by picking up sticks and pushing back brush or cutting overhanging branches over the next few months. Beautiful fall colors coming soon!

Saturday September 11, 2021 – Trails are cleared and mowed. A few hung up trees still to be removed by City. Some handwork by hikers would be helpful. Enjoy these fall days!

Tuesday September 7, 2021
Trails have all been cleared of deadfalls and mowed. Woods are beautiful! Hike and pick up any more sticks that might fall with each wind event from now until snowfall when grooming and skiing can begin. Push back overhanging brush or trim branches.

Mountain Biking & Fat Tire Biking Trails

Tioga Recreation Area
11-22-21: Rifle hunting season complete. Trails are open again at Tioga Recreation Area. Legion remained open during hunting. With fluctuating temperatures please be aware of the freeze thaw cycle. Please ride when frozen. When the top surface warms up, this creates a soft layer that leads to ruts, erosion, and work for volunteers to fix. This means that even if the temperature is under freezing with sunshine the trail can be soft. Please respect the trails and the people that volunteer their time to maintain the trails.

ATV/OHV Trails

The following trails are CLOSED. Check with MN DNR Trail Closures website before riding in the Spring. Open dates in the Spring are as following, but keep in mind that wet conditions may change the opening dates:

April 1st – Alborn/Pengilly, Blue Ox, Thistledew

May 2nd – US Forest Service Alvwood/ Squaw Lake, Island Lake Connection

May 15th – Wilderness Wheelers and B&B Connection, Balsam, Little Moose, UPM Blandin


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