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Winter Trail Reports for the Grand Rapids & Itasca County Area

Snowmobiling TrailsThe Grand Rapids/Itasca County snowmobile trails are holding up  well. The warmer weather has created some dirt patches on heavily road areas through Grand Rapids and on corners. Use caution as you ride into end of the season. there is still lots of snow on our trails!

Avenue of Pines (Deer River, Squaw Lake, Max & Wirt area)– groomed by Squaw Lake Snowmobile Club: 2-28-20: Trails have been groomed. Trails are holding up fairly well.

Clearwater and Suomi Trails – groomed by 38er’s Snowmobile Club – 2-25-20: The 38ER’S sno club groomed the Soumi today 2/25/20, was used by many but in good shape, we will groom the Clearwater Trail Thur. 2/27/20.

Taconite Trail, Little Bear, Bear Lake Trail, Circle T and Tim Corey Trail – groomed by MN DNR- Tim Corey in Washington State Forest – 2-27-20: The Taconite trail from Grand Rapids to Highway 65 the trail was groomed on 2/25/2020. From Highway 65 McCarthy Beach State Park the trail was groomed on 2/25/2020. From McCarthy Beach State Park to to Highway 73 it was groomed on 2/27/2020. Logging is expected to begin just south of the Herb Brandstrom Trail intersection near Scenic 7. Signs will be put up. Please use caution and stay to the right. With deep snow in the area wildlife (specifically deer) are increasing their use of the trails. Watch for them using and crossing the trails, ride with caution, and stay to the right.

Deer River TrailsBushwackers: 2-27-20: Trails have been groomed and are in good condition.

Driftskipper, Smith Creek, Little Pokegama, Shelter, Cook Lake & In Town Grand Rapids Trails – groomed by Itasca Driftskippers Club:  2-19-20: freshening up the Cook Lake, Scenic Loop, and Splithand Lake Trails. FYI. Starting this coming monday 2-24-2020. There will be heavy truck traffic on the Shingle Mill Rd. The Pokegama Lake Trail and Ski Hill Spur Trails will be affected as we have to cross the road near the entrance off of Cty. Road 449. Allso signs will be posted were the trail crosses Cty. Road 443 as the trucks will be using that road also. Ride Safe and Ride to the Right. Doug Lord aka Groomer Dude.

Alborne-Pengilly, Blackberry, Charter Dam, Goodland, Pekey & Greenway – groomed by Greenway Snowmobile Club: 2-28-20: all trails have been groomed.

Keystone Trail, Hornet Spur, Hollywood Bait Spur, and Dirty Mike’s Trail – groomed by Itasca Snow Rangers: 2-28-20: The SnowRangers groomed the Keystone Trail.  Conditions good.

Lawron, Lud Mandich, Daybrook, Delbert Brandstrom, LLL Spur, Nashwauk Trails – groomed by Lawron Trail Riders: 2-26-20: LTR trails were groomed south trail and Keewatin spur groomed. Wed & Thur grooming to Chisholm and north. Then waiting to see what warm weather will do.

Bigfork Lions, Cameron Lake, East Bowstring, Effie Connection, Marcell, Wilderness Willie, and Circle T Trails – groomed by Marcell Snow Drifters: 3-2-20: With the warmer temperatures coming this week, this might be the last week of grooming. Marcell North and Cameron done early this morning. Marcell South Tuesday and bowstring will be done on Wednesday.

Scenic State Park, Cameron Lake, Herb Brandstrom and Circle L Trails – groomed by Swampsiders Snowmobile Club: 2-15-20: Trails have been groomed.

Blue Ox, Caldwell Brook, Island Lake, West Bowstring Trails – groomed by Northome Ridge Runners: no report as of yet.

Hill Lake, Perry Lake, Rabey, Washburn Lake, Remer Trails – groomed by Haypoint Jackpine Snowmobile Club:  2-19-20: Trails groomed

Cross Country Skiing Trails brought to you by Northern Lights Nordic Ski Club

Cross Country Skiing

Trout Lake: 2-21-20: Skied Doan Lake and portions of South Trout. I was surprised…still very nice packed powder and overall nice solid tracks. A few short drifted over areas here and there that are skied thru. Some leaves in places and plenty of deer tracks. But mostly clear trail and overall very nice.

Minnesota Power: 2-27-20: City groomed this afternoon so it was as good as it is going to be this time of year with no new snow. Some areas had nice snow base, but there were several icy areas and lots of the oak leaves, pine needles and sticks. Just added to the challenge of balance, glide, avoid. Saw 4 of the 30 or so deer that live in the area. Girl Scout troop enjoyed their outing with hot chocolate in the warming house.

Suomi Hills: 2-21-20: Groomed north Suomi this evening. Not a lot of fresh snow but finally enough to set a new track. Lots of animal tracks on the trails, saw a few deer nibbling on brush. That Spruce Island loop has to be some of the best scenery in the northland!

Alder Pond: 2-21-20: Alder Pond, Wabana, and Big Ridge have been groomed and Track set.

Legion Park Trail: 2-26-20: Just got off the groomer. The trail groomed up nicely. The skate lane is solid but I was able to scratch up the surface and I think it combed out well. The track is beautiful on about 70% of the trail. Anyplace the sun has been hitting the trail it was hard to get the track set.

Robin Baker Blueberry Hills: 2-28-20: ” Thank you” to the groomer, who had just run over the skate lane as far as Red Pine Jnctn, in addition to Prelude and including Lake Loop. He did a good job given the glazed or crusty conditions. There was very little debris. The classic tracks looked a little tough in many places. Beyond that, I was also able to ski most of the way to the Tower taking the return loop at “I”. On that part, the trail had enough post-groomed snow over the crust to get propulsion. A couple of the downhills there are quite fast with some ruts in the crustiness, so be ready.

Forest History Center:  2-18-20: All trails were groomed on Monday night and are in very good condition. The cold snow is a bit slow but that will change soon.

Stoney Ridge: Thursday December 12, 2019 Trails closed due to logging. Not expected to be groomed at all this year by the county. (Catherine McLynn)

Cowhorn:  2-12-20: Both access points are posted closed at Boomer Blue and Danson Road parking lots due to active logging. Trail looks skiable but not groomed. Alternative is to Ski Golden Anniversary on River Road and avoid this trail system.

Golden Anniversary:   2-21-20: Snow covered track for classical skiing. Hasn’t been tracked since the last snow. Someone snowshoeing has walked over many parts of the track. It was still an enjoyable ski.

Sugar Hills: 2-27-20: Track and skate groomed today and in good condition. Fast skiing, variable snow, icy in spots. Good skiing beautiful day, get out there you bums.

Thistledew: 12-10-19: This trail is not being groomed anymore.

Wabana: 3-1-20: Spring(like) skiing! The tracks are shallow, there is a lot of debris (pine needles and cones). The snow cover is still 99%. We enjoyed it!

Amen Lake: 2-17-20: Set track on Amen Lake trails, north to the north Suomi parking lot. About 3 inches of fresh snow.

Mount Itasca: 2-25-20: Groomed and reset the track with the Pistenbully. Skate lane has also been refreshed. Should be good for a while.

University of Minnesota Trails behind Itasca Community College: No grooming being done this season on this nice trail system close town.

Simpson Creek: 1-15-20: Trail not groomed at all for skiing. Open for snow shoeing. Not sure which roads are plowed during the winter.

Tioga Recreation Area – brought to you by City of Cohasset and GRIMBA

Tioga Recreation Area: 2-18-20: Tioga is all groomed – singletrack and haul roads. Enjoy!

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