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Tioga Recreation Trail Fest Celebration

Join us for the Celebration! The Opening of World-Class Mountain Bike Trails in Cohasset, Minnesota. Located minutes from downtown Grand Rapids! On August 24th, an exciting new event is coming to the community of Cohasset and nearby Grand Rapids. Called Tioga Recreation Trail Fest, the one-day event will be part fundraiser, inauguration, and celebration.
“By mid-August, there will be close to 25 miles of new mountain bike trails at Tioga Recreation Area, with something for every ability level,” said Katie Cargill, a local resident helping organize the event. “We feel this is a game changer for our area. To help build on that excitement, we’re planning a fun event to help create awareness about this amazing recreational resource. We’re also planning it to help with additional fundraising needs for trail construction and maintenance.”
Tioga Trail Fest will take place from 11 am to 3 pm. It will be based at Tioga Beach in Cohasset. The dynamic and high-energy event will include bike demos, food, music, and beer, wine, and cider tastings. There will also be ride clinics for women and children. In addition, local volunteers will lead tours of the new trails to help people become acquainted with the system.
“As the trails have been constructed last fall and this summer, we’ve been slowly opening them as conditions and weather have allowed,” said Max Peters, Cohasset’s Director of City Operations. “In every regard, these trails have exceeded our expectations, and we’re excited to introduce more people to them. We’re working on temporary signage and maps and hope to have as much of the system open as possible by the event on August 24th.”
Tickets for Tioga Trail Fest are $25 per person, which includes unlimited food and beverages. There will also be raffle tickets and auction items available. All funds raised will go to help meet the $150,000 goal for local donations to the project. To date, local donors have contributed approximately $140,000. Local donations will be matched 2:1 by the city of Cohasset up to $300,000.
Tioga Recreation Trail Fest is being organized by partners including the City of Cohasset and the Grand Rapids Itasca Mountain Bicycling Association. For more information, please contact
To learn more about the Tioga Recreation Area click HERE. This 400 acre track of land will be home to 30 miles of world class mountain biking. There is currently a public beach area, boat access area, fishing pier, access to a paved bike trail and playground. There are public restrooms, picnic area and a covered pavilion at this location as well. Check out their website for updates: HERE.