Enjoy motorcycling at its finest with our scenic driving routes – perfect for touring on a motorcycle, in a vintage car, or a relaxing break in any vehicle. You’ll find charming small towns along scenic routes and businesses that welcome those with motorcycle hair. Strap on your helmet or cap, put the top down, or roll down the windows and hit the open road for an exhilarating ride in the scenic north woods.

Explore Northern Minnesota’s best motorcycle routes- with rolling hills, sparkling lakes, deep woods, breathtaking vistas and plenty to stop and see along the way. Grand Rapids is a motorcycle enthusiast’s best option for gorgeous day trips or overnight excursions- enjoyable rides in all directions!

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Fans of two wheels are welcomed to join an informal bike night and ride. Out of town visitors are welcome! Check the event calendar and call ahead to confirm destinations and starting times.

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Below you will find great fall riding routes.



Our Favorite Routes:

Southern Ramble 

Northern Ramble

Day Long Motorcycle Ramble 

Approx. 89 miles
From Grand Rapids, Highway 38 north to Bigfork, Scenic 7 to Taconite, 169 back to Grand Rapids
Scenic stop: Laurentian Divide (On Hwy 38)
Food stop: Timberwolf Inn, Marcell
Petro stop: Frontier Sports, Marcell
Approx. 86 miles
From Grand Rapids, Highway 2 to Deer River, Highway 46 to Cut Foot Sioux Lake, highway 35 to Talmoon, 286 to Marcell, down 38 back to Grand Rapids.
Scenic stop: Cut Foot Sioux Visitor Center
Food stop: Riley’s Cannibal Junction, Talmoon
Petro stop: Cut Foot Sioux Inn
Approx. 127 miles
From Grand Rapids, Hwy 38 to Effie, Highway 1 to Togo, Highway 65 to Nashwauk, Highway 169 back to Grand Rapids
Scenic stop: Washington State Forest
Food stop: Viking Bar (7 mi. off route on 22)
Petro stop: Effie County Service
Approx. 108 miles
Highway 169 east to Pengilly, Highway 65 south through Goodland and Swan River to Jacobson, Highway 200 through Hill City to Remer, Highway 6 to Hwy 2 back to Grand Rapids.
Scenic stop: Hill Annex Mine, Calumet
Food stop: Junction Travel Plaza, Swan River
Petro stop: Junction Travel Plaza, Swan River

This ride will take you west and south of Grand Rapids, Minnesota. This will be a scenic route where you will find bogs, farmland, pines and lake areas. Many restaurants, gas stations and restrooms along the route.
Scenic stop: Highway 200
Food stop: Harry’s Bar & Grille


This is a nice short ride that will take you north and west of Grand Rapids. Includes food, gas and bathroom locations along the way. Scenic, curvy and hilly.
Scenic stop: Highway 38 Scenic Byway
Food stop: Richie’s Restaurant, Hayslips Corner Bar & Grille


This route will take you from Grand Rapids into Duluth and then a scenic drive along the Iron Range.
Scenic stop: Highway 135 , Highway 169/1
Food stop: Vi’s Pizza, Benchwarmer Grille, Togo Bar


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