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Blaze Your Trail

Ready to Blaze Your Own Trail?

Answer the questions below to embark on your journey.

Your trail will lead you to the perfect way to enjoy Grand Rapids!


1.Let’s get ready to blaze your trail! How do you prepare?
2.You’re ready to go. What time do you head out on the trail?
3.You head out on your journey. After a mile or two, you notice a small bubbling brook a short ways off the trail. What do you do?
4.You continue your hike along the trail. Soon, you come across a small clearing. What do you do?
5.After the clearing, you reach a fork in the road. You can take a shortcut back to town, take the scenic route through the woods, or meander along the Mississippi riverbank. What do you choose?
6.Finally, you’re making your way back to town. What’s the plan for dinner?
7.Where do you plan to spend the night?

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