Snowshoeing for Beginners - Visit Grand Rapids
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    Snowshoeing- Visit Grand Rapids, MN

    Snowshoeing for Beginners

    Winter can be experienced in two ways, snuggled up indoors enjoying the warmth, or layering up and exploring Minnesota’s nature.  One of the best ways to experience the outdoors in the winter is by snowshoeing. This is an activity that anyone can do! Below are the Top tips for snowshoeing for beginners. In addition, resources for rentals and guides.


    1. Layer up. Minnesota winter can be chilly especially if you’re snowshoeing near water. Wear snow pants, waterproof winter boots, a hat, gloves, and a warm winter coat. Make sure to check the weather before going out.

    2. Bring a friend or go with a guide! If it is your first time going out snowshoeing, it is a great idea to have someone with you.

    3. If you’re snowshoeing out at Tioga or anywhere where the trails have wooden bridges make sure not to use your poles to avoid them getting stuck in the bridge.

    4. Check out trail info before hitting the trails.

    5. Make sure your snowshoes and poles are adjusted properly.

    How to adjust snowshoes to fit:

    Rentals/ Guides

    1. Ardent Bicycles

    2. Free rentals when snowshoeing with The City of Cohasset Parks & Rec Department on Thursdays

    3. Guide service at Tioga Recreation on Thursdays from 12:30-1:30. For more information, click HERE

    Plan a Trip & Explore the Trails!

    Top Trails to Explore include Tioga Recreation, Forest History Center, Soumi Hills, Sugar Hills, Joyce Estates, Legion Park Trails, Simpson Creek, and Waban. Visit the Snowshoeing page to see trail maps and the level of difficulty of each trail.

    If you’re making a trip there are plenty of great lodging options to stay and experience other unique opportunities in the Grand Rapids area. See the Visit Grand Rapids Stay Page book lodging.

    Come on out & Enjoy Minnesota’s Nature

    Photos & video from Tioga Recreation in Cohasset, MN during a guided tour!

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