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Open Water Season Comes To An End In Grand Rapids MN Area

Guest blogger, Tom Neustrom, owner of professional open water guide service: MN Fishing Connections, shares his perspective on the abrupt end of open water season in the Grand Rapids, MN area.

“Turn out the lights, the party is over” should be the song that’s dancing in our heads. The recent cold weather and snow has put an abrupt end to the 2020 open water angling season in the Grand Rapids area. After a seemingly good start to the fall fishing, the door got slammed in a matter of days. Our fall saw an influx of anglers coming north and enjoying some of the best fall walleye fishing in several years. Panfish, northern pike and muskies were also providing anglers with positive opportunities for success and the outlook in the future looks very bright. Like it or not, its time to realize that the hard water season is on the horizon much sooner than we have seen for several years.

When things happen in a hurry as it did this season preparing for winter is short lived at best. Getting your boat into be winterized will be chaotic with so many folks waiting to the last minutes. We have great boat dealers in the Grand Rapids area and they will try to accommodate everyone, but it takes time. Ray’s Sport and Marine, T and M Marine, and Grand Rapids Marine are the best choices to call to get the job done. At Ray’s call Derek at 218-326-0353 and make an appointment. Be patient with all service options that are needed. No one expected this turn around of weather.

Make sure you charge your batteries up before you put your boat away for the winter. From time to time think about a trickle charge a few times to make sure your batteries are ready to go in the spring. Drain all the water from the live wells and pumps to make sure there is no expansion and damage done from freezing. Add a little Sea Foam to your gas left in the boat to guard against any build up of moisture in your tank. Grease your trailer bearings before putting away for the winter and make sure all your lights are working on your trailer.

Tackle boxes can accumulate moisture as well during the season. Open the lids and let them air out for a day or two before putting away. By not doing this no one wants to open their tackle boxes next spring and have a box full of rusted jigs and other hooks. Last but not least, before putting you favorite rods away for the winter, take the bend out so they are nice and straight. Most rods are a composite material and will keep the bend when stored for long periods of time. These are just small precautions that can make a big difference in taking care of your tackle from year to year.

2020 will be long remembered as a difference maker. Stay healthy and stay safe throughout the rest of the year and the ice fishing season is right around the corner. Start planning your Ice Fishing Trip now. Grand Rapids, MN is a great place to ice fish. With over 1,400 lakes, off the beaten path locations, and stay places to stay. View the Grand Rapids Interactive Visitor Guide, and log onto the Visit Grand Rapids website to learn more. We hope to see you this winter.

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