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    Musky Fishing

    Musky Fishing in Grand Rapids, MN

    Musky Fishing in Grand Rapids, MN

    musky fishing
    Grant Prokop and Sam Spartan caught this nice musky on a Grand Rapids, MN area lake.

    Musky Fishing in Grand Rapids, Minnesota was written by Tom Neustrom, an inductee of the MN Fishing Hall of Fame and the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame. Header photo caption: Mariah’s (guest at Moose Lake Resort) first musky at 47″ long.

    Many anglers have a passion for one specie or another and there are one group of anglers that is almost cult like. Muskie Fisherman !! They have their own way about pursuit and that’s all they concern themselves with. Bodies of water that contain muskies is all they want and other species are non- existing. It used to be the “Fish of 10,000 casts” but for the most part, but not any more. For more information regarding Musky Fishing in Minnesota, check out the MN DNR Fisheries.

    Years ago in Minnesota it wasn’t the fish many anglers even thought about chasing. In Wisconsin especially it was there favorite fish. There were tales of fish that weighed in excess of 100 pounds and ate dogs and cats, which we know were false and part of the mystery and lore. There were confirmed reports of muskies weighing in excess of 65 pounds and more which were documented and recorded in Wisconsin, Michigan, and New York. Six world records were established in all three states and the stories of huge fish still bounce in the minds of most dedicated muskie anglers. Whether made up, rumored, or actual sightings, the stories of huge fish sightings and hooking of fish with nicknames has been going on for decades. With far fetched mentions the muskie is still a fish of dreams and for the anglers that pursue them there will always be the chance, if not just the one chance, of hooking and landing a mythical monster that has eluded them for a lifetime. No other species of fish has these stories been created or told in fresh water.

    Muskies are not an easy fish to stalk. They are very temperamental and can be binge feeders or not at all for periods of time. Most experienced muskie anglers will many times raise a fish (getting one to follow) on a spot and come back hours later and get that same fish to strike. It could have been their mood or the presentation that made the muskie strike. One thing is for sure that every muskie angler I know is very particular about his tackle and many times is not about sharing successful lures as other anglers do for other species. Is it a cult thing? You tell me. One thing is for sure Muskie anglers are very into lure design and priorities of the proper setups. When it comes to rods there is no better than the St. Croix 8’6”Legend Tournament and match that up with the Daiwa Lexa 400 and you’re in business. Like most Muskie anglers you will need at least 5 of these matched weapons to get you through the season. Eighty to one hundred pound Braid that you can tow a small car with, and don’t forget a ball bearing wire leader for these creatures have teeth.  Lures start at about $16.00 and can be as much as $100.00 for custom made examples. Most members of the Muskie fraternity have a minimum of 30-50 baits and always have their favorites. Bucktails, Jerk Baits, Crank Baits, and others will all be their go-to baits. Throw on sub top water baits and top water baits that sound the Dinner Bell and you are talking their language. One last item that is needed is a net big enough to net you’re kid and you are on your way to be a cult member. Realistically Muskie fisherman are a wonderful group of conservationists that never kill their prey. Ninety Eight percent of the fish caught are released with a small percentage of fish saved for mounting is a very small amount. Their mortality rate is almost non existent with proper care as all should exhibit with all species.

    One of the very best Muskie Guides in the Grand Rapids area is Grant Prokop at Thousand Lakes Sports. Give him a call at 218-259-5890 or 218-999-5992.

    Some of the best Muskie Lakes in the area that provide opportunities for a trophy of a lifetime are Deer, Moose, Mississippi River. North Star, Big Cutfoot, and Big Winnie. There has been talk of in the future that through stocking in recent years,  possibly Pokegama Lake may provide opportunities for an outstanding Muskie fishery to be realized.

    Great Place to Vacation!

    Grand Rapids, Minnesota is a GREAT place to vacation with the family. Come for the fishing and stay for the trails, lakes and fresh air! There is something for the entire family! Over 1,400 lakes, over 2,000 miles of trails in over 1 million public accessible forest acres; you can boat, fish, paddle, hike, bike, ATV, and more! There are small boutique shops in historic downtown, craft breweries with live music and food trucks. Find Cozy Lodging to book your Grand Rapids, MN vacation.

    Stay in Grand Rapids