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How to Fulfill Your New Year’s Resolutions in Grand Rapids, MN

New Year’s Eve is approaching, and many are starting to plan ways to better their lives for next year. Whether your goal is to start eating healthier or to explore more of the great outdoors, you can always find a way to keep your resolution in the diverse city of Grand Rapids, Minnesota. Here are some of our favorite ways to revive our minds and bodies in this wonderful place we call home.

Taking More Trips

Do you find yourself sitting at home a lot, wishing you could see the world? If the answer is yes, chances are that your New Year’s resolution is to see more of the world around you. Grand Rapids is home to several amazing landmarks to begin your journey:

  • Take a guided fishing trip to one of Minnesota’s many lakes and fishing spots!
  • Visit Chippewa Lake for a paddling experience you’ll never forget.
  • Get a glimpse of Minnesota’s mining history at the Hill Annex Mine State Park in nearby Calumet.

Rejuvenating Your Mind and Body

Do you want to learn how to de-stress and treat yourself to rejuvenation? Consider visiting one of Grand Rapids’ day spas, such as the Bala Med Spa. This location has a five-star rating on Google and offers a variety of treatments for your relaxation.

Eat Healthy

Eating healthier may seem difficult, but thankfully Grand Rapids is home to a diverse farming community who produce tons of fresh fruit and vegetables! Take a trip to the Grand Rapids Farmers Market and enjoy fresh produce from local vendors.

Live a More Active Lifestyle

If you’re looking to start exercising more or just spending more time outside, Grand Rapids is home to several gorgeous parks and recreation areas to soak up the sun. Visit the Sylvan Point Trailhead for a day of local hiking. You can also visit the Grand Rapids Dog Park for a day out with your furry friends. Go a little further outside the city and visit one of Minnesota’s many lakes and forests for exquisite hiking trails and camping spots.

Embrace Art and Culture

Enrich your mind and expand your worldview by visiting some of Grand Rapids’ best museums, galleries, and public displays.

Whatever your resolutions or goals are for the new year, you’ll find plenty of inspiration and opportunity in Grand Rapids.

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