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    Greater Grand Rapids Fall Fishing Report For Week of 9-21-21

    This week’s Grand Rapids Fall Fishing Report by Tom Neustrom. Tom is MN Fishing Hall of Fame and Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame inductee. Tom is also a professional fishing guide, MN Fishing Connections.

    As the water continues to cool the fishing has taken another turn, and it is all positive. Walleye fishing continues to be very good on area lakes. And depending on which body of water you target there is location changes. On deeper lake like Trout in Coleraine, Pokegama and Deer Lake the fish are moving onto offshore structure in deeper water. Fairly common on clear lakes that has a food source that occupies those depths. Walleyes will continue to seek out these locations on this style of lakes. Other bodies of water within Itasca County that are shallower than nature have created a different style of location. Most walleyes now and have been for several week in depths of less than 10 feet. The jig and minnow is the presentation of choice to catch walleyes in the shallows. There also is nice northern pike available mixed in with the walleyes and jumbo perch. Keying in on birds crashing the surface has been important to watch for. If you notice this happening in depth 4-10 feet make sure you go and investigate and fish these areas. You may be surprised at what you will catch.

    Musky fishing has been very good on Itasca County area lakes. Anglers are seeing numbers of fish per outing more so than they did earlier in the year. Some of the lakes that are excellent to try for muskies are North Star, Deer, Moose, and Big Cut Foot Sioux. The best presentation for muskies this time of year is large bulldogs, jerk baits, large crank baits, and inline bucktails. For more information concerning musky fishing opportunities give Grant Prokop at Thousand Lakes Sporting Goods.

    Crappie and Sunfish are moving off the weed lines into depths of 14-20 feet. Several lakes they have already shown up in their pre-winter locations of 20-25 feet. Using your electronics to find these schools of migrating fish. Make sure when you are going to target bluegills and sunfish check the bag limit on the MN DNR fishing regulations website for the lake you intend to fish as it may have changed. Small jigs with either small plastics or a wax worm for bluegill and sunfish. For crappies also a small plastic with a jig, but also don’t forget to bring some crappie minnows with you. This presentation will work well for the rest of the season.

    Header Image Photo Caption: Mark Vavra from Duluth caught this nice 22 inch walleye on a Grand Rapids area lake while fishing with Tom Neustrom.