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    Grand Rapids, MN Fishing Report 6-17-24

    Family Fishing

    Table of Contents

    Rainy Days and wind Causing slow fishing

    Grand Rapids, MN Fishing Report 6-17-24 by Sam Westensee (Thousand Lakes Sporting Goods).

    Reports have been slower to come in with lots of rainy days lately and the dry ones being windy. But rumblings have been mostly positive. Walleyes still seem to be kind of in between spring and summer patterns. Most anglers are finding success on leeches or crawlers while a few are still using minnows depending on location. Crawlers or leeches pulled on a gold or silver spinner along the weed edges at 1 to 1.5 mph should produce some bites. Also try a leech on a slip bobber with a plain hook or small jig over points, humps, or weed edges. 

    Some panfish are still being caught shallow and some are sliding out to deeper weeds in 8 to 12 feet. A small hair jig tipped with a crappie minnow or small leech will put you in the game. VMC Bucktail Jigs are what I recommend. If walleyes aren’t biting and you just want to put a bend in the rod, go shallow and cast for some smallmouth. Shallow rocks and sand are still holding decent numbers of fish. On sunny days you should be able to see them up shallow. Throw a ned rig or hair jig such as the Mission Tackle Rallybou Jig. There seems to be quite a few people out chasing stream trout on some of the stocked lakes in the area. 

    Check on the Minnesota DNR website to see a list of designated trout lakes. Any type of small, flashy bait should work well. Small Rapalas, Mepps, or beetle spins should get them to bite. Remember to purchase a Trout Stamp before you head out. These are required for anglers ages 18-64. Have fun on the water and remember to put safety first.

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