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    ice cream, gelato and custard in grand rapids

    Ice Cream, Gelato and Custard in Grand Rapids – Copy

    ice cream

    ice cream, gelato and custard in grand rapids

    There are several places to buy ice cream, gelato and custard in Grand Rapids, MN and the surround communities. Whether you are a local or visiting the area, ice cream is always the perfect sweet treat to help cool off in the summer. 

    The Grand Rapids, Minnesota area is made up of charming small towns that are surrounded by Minnesota’s nature. Visitors have been vacationing here for many generations. This ‘going to the lake’ destination is a place where you can reconnect with loved one’s, relax by the lake, and recharge among the tall pines and hardwood forests.


    Antler Lake Store located on Scenic Hwy 7 in Bigfork is the perfect place to ride ATV on the Bigfork to Balsam ATV Trail to get hand-scooped ice cream. This little store is a hidden gem that has a little bit of everything: camping and fishing supplies, snacks and beverages, clothing, and a liquor store.

    Park Recreation in Bigfork, MN is a great place to get a burger, fries and an ice cream cone.  Two Rivers Cenex offers Kemp’s hand-scooped ice cream in waffle cones that is served by friendly staff that is perfect destination for a Sunday drive.


    The Four Season Market in Coleraine offers the widest selection of hand-scooped ice cream in Itasca County with over 25 different flavors, and a wide variety of toppings that you can get in a cone or a cup. 


    The Northern Star Marketplace in Deer River offers hard packed ice cream, novelty soda pop and candy, Abdallah chocolates, and a large selection of home decor, gift, clothing, and more. 

    Northern Star Cooperative, Cenex in Deer River is offering soft serve ice cream for the summer. Both locations are very clean, staff is friendly and welcoming, and you will find a wide variety of snacks and more.


    Borealis Creamery is a food truck that frequents events, area farmers markets, and First Friday Art Walk. Their fresh homemade ice cream offers unique flavors that you cannot get anywhere else. They offer their ice cream pints for sale at Klockow Brewery.

    Boulder Tap House offers the most amazing shakes to go along with their juicy burgers, cheese curds, and avocado fries. This franchise is known for offering the widest selection of beer on tap from mainstream beer to Minnesota craft beers.

    The Grand Rapids Dairy Queen has been in Grand Rapids for many generations. You will be able to purchase soft-serve ice cream & signature shakes, classic burgers & fries at this location. It is perfect for everyone in the family. You will also be able to purchase ice cream novelties like the dilly bars and buster bars. There is both indoor seating and outdoor patio seating. A convenient location that is right on Pokegama Avenue South.

    Hotel Rapids Bar + Bistro  is a boutique style hotel that offers fresh to order crepes, yogurt bowls, freshly brewed coffee drinks, and craft cocktails. They also have frozen yogurt bowls for the summer. 

    The Dragonfly Coffee by Itasca Life Options located in Central Square Mall is a great place to get hand-scooped, hard pack ice cream, delicious fresh baked bakery items, and ice drinks like smoothies, chai tea, and iced coffee. The Dragonfly Coffee is a program of the Itasca Life Options for adults with disabilities. They serve bridgeman’s hard scooped ice cream that you can either have in a cone or a cup.

    McDonalds is known for being a fast-food chain that offers everything from salads, chicken nuggets, burgers, and also ice cream treats like shakes, sundaes, and soft ice cream cones. 

    The Northern Star Cooperative, Cenex is the newest gas and convenience store that is located on Pokegama Ave South next to Applebee’s. They are a full service convenience store where you can fill up your gas tank, grab snacks, breakfast, lunch or dinner, and enjoy a hand-scooped ice cream in a cone or a cup. They offer a variety of flavors.


    Black Bear Drive In is the go to place to get ice cream in Northome. The staff are very friendly, and the ice cream goes well with the hand pattied burgers.

    Hwy 46 Food & Drink offers a broad menu from lost forty sandwiches, salads, burgers, and cheesesteaks. Their ice cream 


    ice cream, custard and gellato in grand rapids, mn

    Some say ice cream is ice cream, but we all know that is not true. They both are a wonderful treat on a warm summers day. The difference between ice cream and custard is that custard has more egg yolks. Also, custard machines incorporate very little air for a creamier texture. Culver’s is the perfect place to get frozen custard in Grand Rapids. They offer vanilla and chocolate on a regular basis in addition to the flavor of the day.



    Gelato is also known as Italian Ice Cream, which contains more air and a much lower milkfat percentage than than American-style ice cream, and it is held at a higher temperature that makes for a smoother texture. This results in a unique density and richness from ice cream. The only place where you can get gelato in Grand Rapids is Brewed Awakenings Coffeehouse. Brewed is one of the local coffeehouses in Grand Rapids that serves fresh baked goods, freshly made to order salads, sandwiches and soups. And then there is their freshly brewed coffee and other handcrafted beverages.

    This list is probably longer than you thought on where to buy ice cream, gelato and custard in Grand Rapids, MN and the surrounding communities. There is something special about taking a scenic drive to get a frozen treat on a warm summer’s day. Summers are made for making memories. The Grand Rapids, Minnesota area is the perfect going to the lake destination to make summer memories. Start your vacation planning today by downloading the interactive Grand Rapids Visitors Guide.