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Grand Rapids Fishing Report by Tom Neustrom

Tom Neustrom and his client Nick, who caught a nice 27 inch walleye.

This week’s Grand Rapids Fishing Report brought to you by Tom Neustrom. The summer has given anglers a lot of opportunities for some excellent fishing for several species.

Walleyes have been reported biting on several lakes and at several different depths. On smaller bog stained lakes shallow water methods have been doing a good job putting walleyes in the boat. Depths of 5-8 feet in and around weed beds have been great locations to find hungry walleyes. Gold spinners with a chub, shiner, or half a night crawler have been doing the trick. Trolling at speeds of 1.25 to 1.50 mph will be the efficient way to apply the right presentation to shallow walleyes. Deep clear lakes provide alternate presentations to find walleyes on deeper structure where walleyes hang out in the dead of summer. Slip sinker rigs with leeches, Red Tail chubs, or crawlers are the proven methods for walleyes in the summer and early fall periods. Big Winnie has been producing walleyes on the humps and bars utilizing the previous mentioned presentation. Vary your leader lengths from 5-8 feet depending if the walleyes are tight to the bottom or slightly higher.

Bottom Bouncers and spinners rigged with a crawler can be a great application to covering water a little quicker and finding active fish. A 2-3 ounce bouncer is usually adequate for most applications of 18-26 feet. Number 3 and 5 spinner blades are the most preferred size on deep spinner applications. Gold is the standard color, but other colors will work good at times.

Randee from North Branch caught this giant weed line crappie.

Some of the dark water lakes that have been producing with shallow water methods are Round, Bowstring, and Little Winnie. Besides Big Winnie for deeper walleyes, Trout and Pokegama are also good bets for deeper structure walleyes.

The heat of Summer also ignites Musky action in and around deeper cabbage and rock points. Casting and moving for the best opportunities is one of the best options. Hiring a quality Musky Guide is a good way to cut your time on the water and have a good plan moving forward. Some of the good Musky lakes in the Grand Rapids area are Moose, Deer, North Star, Big Cutfoot, and Big Winnie. Getting good information is also key to which lake may give you the best opportunity. The bait shops in the area can also provide good direction to the best lakes to try and any current hot baits.

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