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Grand Rapids Fishing Report 5-22-18

This week’s fishing report brought to you by Tom Neustrom, owner of MN Fishing Connections, professional fishing guide service. If you are looking for a wonderful fishing trip experience, you will want to give Tom a call. Hiring a professional fishing guide can make all the difference on a fishing trip. Professional fishing guides have the local knowledge of the area lakes. They know when the fish are biting, what they are biting on, and what time they are biting.

The season has slowly moved forward and the fishing has been very good of late. The walleye fishing has been good with most lakes in Itasca and the Grand Rapids area reporting good catches and most anglers have been very happy with their results. Jig and minnow has still been the best presentation, but several anglers have been doing well with leeches. Some of the better lakes have been Big Winnie, Moose, Bowstring, Round and Big Splithand. We need some rain to bring the lakes levels up, rain in the future end of this week and into beginning of next week.

The northern pike fishing has been excellent as well and with the new regulation anglers have been keeping several more northerns than usual. Once the Y bone is removed, northern pike are one of the best eating fish around. Next time you’re in the fish house cleaning, and there is a guide in there also, ask him to show you the proper way to remove  the Y bone. It’s a valuable lesson that once learned you’ll never forget.

Bass fishing has been slow to get going, but look for that to improve as the water continues to warm. Look for smallmouth bass to be setting up on shallow reefs as they get ready for spawning. Remember to snap a picture and return them in area where they were caught. Memorial weekend is upon us so make sure you and your family have a safe and happy holiday weekend.

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