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Itasca County Trail Conditions

Spring has arrived in northern Minnesota. The trail conditions are a mixed bag. The winter grooming has come to an end, but there is still snow on most trails. Snowmobile and Cross Country Ski Trails close April 1, 2019.

With the amount of snow and ice we had this past winter, it is expected that the Itasca County ATV Trails will open late this year. As of the end of March the spring thaw has been a good one. Temperatures in the 40’s-50’s during the day and just below freezing (30’s) at night. Perfect conditions to produce those that are harvesting sap from Maple trees for Maple Syrup.

In Itasca County most ATV Trails open around the middle of May. There are a few ATV Trails that can open before that, but we have been told there will a delay with all spring trails due to the amount of moisture in the ground.


ATV Group on UPM Blandin Trail

ATV Trail Reports

3-28-19: Itasca County ATV Trails are expected to have delay in openings due to the wet conditions this spring. Keep checking back here for updates.

Spring, Summer and Fall is a great time to be in the woods on the designated forest trails. You can ride ATV in the City of Grand Rapids and Itasca County area has opened up all county roads (except the road into Scenic State Park). This makes it convenient to connect to the grant and aid wooded trails and state trail systems. The city of Grand Rapids has also opened their roads (except the central downtown business district) to ride to access lodging, restaurants, retail and bars/grills. As the trails open this season, we will keep you up to date below:

Safety training is recommended for everyone who operates an OHV. It is required for ATV riders born after July 1, 1987, and OHM riders under the age of 16. Click HERE for more information.

Itasca County ATV Trail OPEN/CLOSE Dates:

Alborn/Pengilly- OPENS: April 1st, CLOSES November 30th

Alvwood/Squaw Lake- OPENS May 2nd, CLOSES March 15th

Bigfork/Balsam- OPENS May 15th-30th, CLOSES November 1st

Little Moose-OPENS May 15th, CLOSES November 1st

Balsam-OPENS May 15th, CLOSES November 1st

Northwoods/Goodland-OPENS May 15th, CLOSES November 1st

Northwoods/UPM/Blandin – OPENS May 15th, CLOSES November 1st

Thistledew – OPENS April 1st, CLOSES November 30th

SOO Line – OPENS April 1st, CLOSES November 1st

Click HERE for Minnesota DNR ATV/OHV trail dates.


Photo courtesy of GRIMBA and taken by John Connelly

Mountain Biking Trail Reports

Grand Rapids and Itasca Mountain Bike Association is responsible for maintaining mountain bike trails in the Grand Rapids and Cohasset area. They maintain Legion Trail, and Tioga Recreation Area in conjunction with the City of Cohasset.

Right now trails are CLOSED due to spring thaw. Check back for updates on opening dates and trail conditions reports.



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