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    Bass Fishing in Grand Rapids, MN

    Fishing for Bass in Grand Rapids, MN

    Tom Neustrom shares his tips on fishing for bass in Grand Rapids, MN. It’s always a wonder why certain species of fish attract attention over others. Age of angler has changed exactly that and made chasing other species a target of their interest. Sure most anglers that have for generations chased walleyes, crappies and northern pike have also put other species on their target list and especially younger anglers they have mentored.

    Fishing For Bass

    Fishing For Bass in Grand Rapids, MN
    Joe Chessare with nice Smallmouth Bass caught while fishing with Tom Neustrom on a Grand Rapids, MN area lake.

    Bass of both species have become a sought after fish in the north and across the country. Migrants from down south have come north to experience the quality bass fishing opportunities that exist in the Grand Rapids area and even national bass tournaments have made this a destination to have their anglers experience the quality of the bass fishing. Younger anglers also have been part of the surge of bass fishing interest with the SATT making several tournament stops in the Grand Rapids area. Professional Bass anglers are iconic to these young anglers and want to succeed as they have in a sport that is nationally recognized.

    Smallmouth Bass fishing as a pursued species has exploded especially the last 10-15 years. A beautiful fish that will give you every ounce of battle has come to have several nicknames as well. Brownie, Brown Bass, Smallie, Toad and many others are names to describe smallmouth bass. They are fished a bit different in many situations then largemouth bass, but at times can be caught in the same areas depending on the specific lake fished. For smallmouth tackle it can come in several types and styles. Most often lite to medium spinning gear is preferred especially in situations of clear water. Jigs and plastics, drop shot, Ned rigs, and swim baits are key presentations to catch smallmouth bass on most bodies of water. Finesse fishing will most often bring better reactions and success then heavier type equipment that are used for largemouth bass that are chased in heavier cover . A 7 foot medium action spinning rod like the St. Croix Legend Elite with a fast tip is a perfect example of a go to rod for most situations when chasing smallmouth bass. Sensitivity and power is essential when fishing these feisty creatures. When it comes to spinning reels with smoothness and silky smooth drag, Daiwa has several that will do the job very adequately. It not to say that both species are caught in both situations, but most often the habitat is usually different. Smallmouth prefer crayfish, smaller baitfish, and sculpins that inhabit rocks and gravel. This is their main diet as opposed to largemouth bass that prefer small bluegills but will dine on similar offerings as smallmouth.

    There are several good smallmouth bass lakes in the Grand Rapids area and Itasca County. Some of the better ones for anglers visiting the area are Pokegama, Deer, Wabana, Caribou, Ruby, Turtle, Trout Lake in Coleraine and the Mississippi River below Grand Rapids all the way to Jacobson. Stop in at !000 Lakes Sports in Grand Rapids and get the latest information on the best smallmouth lakes in the area. Keep in mind that smallmouth bass are very protected and become catch and release only after September 11th. Please check the MN DNR Fishing Regulations for more details. 

    Fall is a short season in northern Minnesota, so make sure to book your fall fishing trip early. There are several options for overnight lodging in Grand Rapids, MN. You will find conveniently located Hotels and Motels with a wide variety of onsite amenities. Vacation Rentals by owner located in town and on area lakes. Minnesota Resorts that are located on great fishing lakes. And, a quaint Bed & Breakfast located on Pokegama Lake. Fall fishing is the perfect season where there are less people on the lakes, fishing is great, and the fall colors on the lakes are stunning. When you are done fishing, you can chill back at the lodging property or you can enjoy craft beer and live music. There are lots of places where you can eat & drink local. Grand Rapids, MN is the perfect place to getaway in the fall. View the Interactive Grand Rapids Visitor Guide.