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    Fall Fishing MN

    Fall Fishing in Grand Rapids, MN

    Fall Fishing By: Tom Neustrom

    Fall Fishing MN

    With the heat of the summer hopefully behind us, it’s time to start thinking about all the opportunities that the fall of the year brings to us. Because of the very dry summer many trees are starting to show color so it will be a colorful fall as usual and possibly even a bit earlier. Fall fishing is fun and a pleasure to enjoy nature at one of its finest moments. Walleye fishing can be in its finest hour with some of the best fishing of the year to be experienced. As water temperatures begin to cool down there is a feeding mechanism that triggers species such as walleyes to begin to feed more often with a sense of urgency. Walleyes that can be contacted early and late in the day many times can be caught all day. View Fall Fishing Opportunities HERE.

    Covering water seems to be the best idea and presentation to get walleyes in the boat during the fall. They, like other species, are chasing baitfish and can be “Here today and gone tomorrow” when their food sources move. During the warm months of summer, flats that have weed cover are great hideouts for walleyes and provide food and great ambush spots. Many times when covering these areas you can find groups of fish in specific places. Putting your bow mount trolling motor in spot-loc position and casting a jig and minnow or plastic can get several more fish to bite. Its kind of a run and gun method in the fall that can be extremely effective. The new Tungsten Jigs from Northland Tackle have been a “go to” for your arsenal. With its compact size and needle sharp Gamakatsu hook, it will stick and hold on to walleyes and other species like nothing else.

    fall fishing mn

    One of the favorite species of fall anglers are crappies. As the nights cool and water temperatures begin to also cool, crappies start to vacate the shallow weeds and seek soft bottom bays and slightly deeper water. By using your electronics finding schools of crappies can be an effective way to contact fish. Most often sitting on top of a hungry school and vertically dropping a jig over the top of them can prove to work well. There are times when crappies in the same are will lay tight to the bottom and almost appear as a rock or other piece bottom. Drifting or dragging slowly with a light weight Northland Crappie King Tungsten Jig and minnow or plastic can be effective. With a light action rod like St. Croix 7 foot Crappie Elite can make feeling a bite essential. It’s a different bite and more like loading up the tip and then a firm sweeping rod set will get the job done. Both presentations can be just what you need to put a few nice crappies in the bucket.

    Fall magic can be sensed by the wildlife around us. Not just what’s below the surface of a lake, but in the ground above. Walking down a favorite  trail, sitting on your deck, being on the water in your boat can give you a total different experience with nature. The early migration of Monarch Butterflies, Loons beginning to gather, young geese making trial take offs and landing in preparation for their fall migration south is all about the wonders of nature around us. There is no other time of the year like Fall. Wish it was 6 months long! Take the time to “Get Outside”.                                                                                        

    Looking for a memorable fall fishing experience? Book a Fall Fishing MN trip with professional fishing guide, Tom Neustrom (MN Fishing Connections) HERE.