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Fall Color Fishing Report

Tom Neustrom shares this week’s fall color fishing report for Grand Rapids, Minnesota.

As the waters begin to cool slowly there seems to be something happening that only some can follow. Fish movements have increased and it seems several species have changes their locations with the onslaught of fall approaching. Within the next couple weeks the leaves will continue to change and the brilliance of color will surround the Grand Rapids area in a breath taking display.

A customer of Tom Neustrom catches a nice fall walleye.

Walleye fishing has improved and will continue to get ever increasingly better as the cool nights begin to be more common. We need to think shallow on most of our walleye lakes especially where deeper clear water exists. Moderate to darker water has already been producing a decent jig and minnow bite in 8-14 feet near weed beds, rocks and wind swept points. Until the water temperatures reach the lower 50’s, move and pop your jig more aggressively. Changing the cadence can make a huge difference in triggering bites. Don’t get stuck fishing one spot too long. Moving and locating active fish is key in the fall movements of walleyes especially.

Charlie Fenske, 11, catches some nice fall crappies.

The fall patterns have begun when chasing crappies and depths of 22-26 feet seem to be locations that crappies prefer. If your favorite crappie lake has constant depths of 16-18 feet then these are the locations you should be paying close attention to. Small jigs and a minnow or plastic is all you really need. This time of year and all through the cold water period the main diet for crappies is larvae rather than minnows per say. When the opportunity arises make no mistake crappies will dine on any number of food sources that are presented. Most of the crappies that we are finding are bottom cruisers, but look for that to change as fall slips into a pre-ice or late fall. They will suspend more sometimes 2-6 feet of the bottom and in some lakes as much as 6-12 feet above the bottom in 30-40 feet. Good electronics are the key to fining these roaming schools and having the ability to stay over them and vertically jigging them can be a challenge. Vary your locations and presentations for added success.

Fall musky caught by a guest of Moose Lake Resort.

Northern pike and musky will take center stage for the anglers that are pursuing bigger game. Cloudy nasty days can be critical to finding and catch muskies late in the season. Having a previous knowledge of where tullibees and whitefish spawn can make options a bit better targeting these brutes where this type of forage exists. Some of the biggest Muskies of the season are caught in the fall.

What ever your species you’re after it’s a great time to be on the water and enjoying the migration of birds that happen at the same time. Whether on the water or in the woods, it’s a show you don’t want to miss. There are many place to Stay in Grand Rapids. From Minnesota Resorts, Grand Rapids Hotels/Motels, a Bed and Breakfast and Lake Home Rentals. There is something for everyone.

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