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Makers Supply SWAP!

A perfect incentive to clean out your craft closet and unload items collecting dust. Plus, find new items to inspire your next project!
Bring your supplies, tools, craft books, and anything else you’re willing to trade. We’ll mix, mingle, and most importantly, swap supplies for some that are new-to-you and perfect for your next project!
The swap will run from 5-8pm, drop by whenever within that time! The swap will be first come first serve. Also, feel free to bring friends, the more the merrier!
Here’s how it works:
::::Bring items you don’t use, need, or love.
::::Please bring bundled items in clear, labeled zippered bags.
::::Place on tables according to item (fabric, paper, wood, yarn, books/patterns, etc — we will have this set up for you).
::::Take home whatever you like!
*** Supplies can also be dropped off at Hotel Rapids Feb 1st-7th in advance of the event as well!***
We recommend that everyone who takes supplies home also donate a few supplies. Please make sure items are in usable condition. Any remaining supplies will be donated to an art program for artists with disabilities.
What to bring:
Of course we can’t possibly know all the awesome stuff you may bring in, but if you’re wondering what kind of swap this is, let this be your guide:
New or gently used craft supplies donations including, but certainly not limited to:
MARK MAKING: inks, pencils, paints, brushes, pastels, erasers, chalks, charcoals, markers
FIBER: yarn, fabric, thread, embroidery supplies, knitting needles/crochet hooks, thread, patterns, ribbon, quilting tools, dressmaking, sewing machines, sewing notions
TOOLS: scissors, glue guns, soldering irons, craft knives, hole punches, easels, photo equipment, pottery tools, rulers
SUBSTRATES: canvas, watercolor paper, drawing paper, scratch boards, panels, sketchbooks, construction paper, newsprint
EXPENDIBLES: glue, tape, butcher paper, sandpaper, cotton swabs, toothpicks, popsicle sticks, google eyes,
CRAFTS: beads, jewelry findings, containers of all sorts, artificial flowers, foam, felt, scrapbooking supplies, stamps, ink pads,
BOOKS: art/craft instruction books, art/craft magazines, patterns, and store bought crafting kits
What to leave at home:
If it stinks, we don’t want it.
Please don’t bring anything moldy, dirty, super heavy, or in need of repair. We love the old, cool, vintage stuff, but if it isnt functional, please leave it at home.
This swap is not for antiques or curios, it’s about usable crafting and art making materials and supplies.
We do love fabric but we can’t use your small scraps (less than a fat quarter), cut up t-shirts, stuffing from your sofa.
We also ask that you leave the hazardous materials in your garage, including oil-based solvents, house paint, dry paint tubes, stuff that is crazy heavy, etc.
If it cannot be used immediately and without rehabilitation as a crafting material, supply, or tool, please don’t bring it.


Feb 08 2024


5:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Hotel Rapids + HR Bar
680 US-2, Grand Rapids, MN 55744