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Destination Snowshoeing

Guest blogger, Tom Saxhaug, former Minnesota State Senator, shares some of his favorite snowshoeing locations in the Grand Rapids, MN area. Tom is passionate about snowshoeing, and loves sharing with others.

Snowshoeing in the winter in Northern Minnesota has the advantage of outdoor activity with no ticks and no mosquitos. Unlike snowshoeing in the mountains, we have no danger of avalanche, either! We don’t have to worry about what trails are safe, or what beacons to purchase should we fall prey to a snow slide.

Grand Rapids does not have mountains, however, we do have our vistas. There’s the top of Big Thunder at Sugar Hills, or the overlook at the top of the Tioga Mountain Biking Trail and one that I have mentioned in my previous writings. One can avoid the cross country ski tracks by heading south out of the north Suomi Trails parking lot and then following the signs. Don’t miss this wonderful view!

Another treat is snowshoeing next to a running creek on a beautiful winter day, traveling through old growth pine forests along the way. You’ll find all this on the county maintained Wabana Trail System. Stay to the left and off the ski tracks, and then follow the posted maps.

And finally, there’s Simpson Creek. According to the USDA forest Service’s website, “In 1907, Sam Simpson’s crew built the first tote roads and trails in the Cut Foot Sioux area. Today, this system makes up the 13-mile Simpson Creek Trail. Enjoy rolling topography through pines and along glacial eskers, with overlooks onto Cut Foot Sioux Lake and journeys into the cedar swamp.” You can access the trails at the Cut foot Sioux Visitor Center or from Eagle Nest Road.

There are so many more treats for snowshoers in Itasca County – let me know what your favorites are: For more information you can contact Tom:

Tom Saxhaug
Snowshoe Guide
Phone: 218-259-8163

For additional information regarding snowshoeing in the Grand Rapids area, check out our Grand Rapids Snowshoeing Webpage and our Snowshoeing Google Map.

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