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Category: Food & Drink

It does not need to be Friday, Saturday, or Sunday to getaway. Sometimes the best escapes are the ones during the week. Grand Rapids MN, offers safe cozy lodging, wifi, weekday live music, breweries, and a chance to immerse yourself in art and history. Cozy & Safe Lodging Grand Rapids, MN offers a variety of […]

#ItascaStrong Photo Contest

What is the Itasca Strong Photo Contest We are looking for images that represent the different seasons of Itasca County. Photos can include nature, pets, family, art, and food and beverages. The photos we receive will have a chance to be featured in our visitor guide. In addition, some photos may be used for our […]

Since the start of Covid-19 so many aspects of life have changed, especially traveling. If you are traveling¬† during Covid-19, here are some precautions and tips to take. Things to Keep Handy! Masks, Masks and More Masks!!!! Most places you visit require masks to enter their business. In Minnesota and Itasca County we spread the […]

“Escape and breath the fresh air of a new place.” blog article by Lillyanna Smith (University of WI, Stout Student) In the uncertain times we are living in, there is a feeling of relief when you can get away to nature. I’ve been to a lot of places, but can easily say that Grand Rapids, […]

Grand Rapids, Minnesota is a year-round destination that offers fun things to do in November! Here are our Six Things To Do in Grand Rapids in November: 1. Live Entertainment Come be entertained in Grand Rapids, Minnesota this November. In Grand Rapids you will find live music, meat raffles, traveling art pubs, and craft shows. […]

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