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Catch Bass and Walleye in Grand Rapids

Walleyes caught by Southwood Resort guests on Pokegama Lake.

“Come catch Bass and Walleye in Grand Rapids, MN,” shares Tom Neustrom. Tom Neustrom, is a professional fishing guide and owner of MN Fishing Connections.

Ellie, daughter of Andy Walls, Thousand Lakes Sporting Goods, caught a nice bass on a Grand Rapids MN area.

Bass fishing has been very good the last week or two. Area lakes have been producing nice large mouth and small mouth bass together. Some of the better largemouth lakes have been Loon, Rice, Spider, Pokegama and several small lakes that surround Grand Rapids. For small mouth bass some f the better opportunities are Deer, Pokegama and Trout. A rig that has been producing both species Ned rig, it is a very simple rig to fish. Basically, you are working the edge of the weed lines and sunken islands that have good weed growth. Most of the small mouth bass usually are on sunken island that has a mixture of rock and weeds. One of the main forage this time of year bot both species is cray fish. One of the areas that both specie’s like to occupy and look for crayfish is a mixture of rock and weeds. Another good rig to try would be a 1/6 inch plastic worm hooked (hook in the middle of the worm) after you throw it out you let it sink, and then work it back in slow soft pumping motions. Once you get a strike from the bass set the hook immediately.
Currently with the water temperature mid to upper 70’s walleyes on area lakes have started to move into weeds. There is more oxygen and food in the shallows when the lake temps reach their optimum in the summer. Many times when the walleye are in the weeds two good presentation is a jig with a half o night crawler or trolling a spinner with a 2 inch minnow over the top of the weeds. Both presentations have been working really well as of late and will put a few more fish in the boat for you. Some lakes to consider in the area are: Big Winnie, Cut Foot Sioux,  Swan, and Big Splithand.