Spear Fishing in Grand Rapids MN

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Spear Fishing in Grand Rapids MN

Ashley Brubaker speared this nice 34″ northern on a Grand Rapids area lake last weekend.

Tom Neustrom with nice crappie.

This week’s Grand Rapids Ice Fishing Report features spear fishing by Tom Neustrom, owner of MN Fishing Connections. It is never too early to Book that Fishing Trip!

Another bout with winter that is about living in the Northwoods and it’s beauty is something to behold. With the additional snowfall of late, travel on the lakes should be done with the use of a snowmobile or traveling on plowed roads that resorts provide.

Wheezy Outdoors with a nice trout.

Ice fishing continues in the Grand Rapids area to give anglers several winter opportunities for several species. Inland trout fishing is in full swing and we will be providing information on where and how to catch trout. One of the almost ancient methods of taking northern pike has many times been overlooked.

Spear fishing for northern has been a tradition in Minnesota for as far back as anyone can remember. There is something special about sitting over a large hole in the ice like a huge flat screen TV. It’s dark and a bit eerie, but it is cool in it’s own way. A decoy of different types is lowered into the water and then the wait is on. There are several swimming type  decoys that are not only artistic in appearance and attractive to northern pike, Many spear fisherman still rely on a live sucker minnow to entice the northern into range. Then a quick and accurate throwing of the spear and fresh northern is on the ice. This tradition has been passed down through generation after generation and is a phenomenon of angling that still attracts a faithful following. A special license is required in order to spear and spearing also opens up a world beneath the ice for all to see. For more information about northern pike spearing regulations in the state of Minnesota, check out the Minnesota Fishing Angling Spearing Regulations.

With the new snow we received the last couple days, look for the snowmobile trails to be groomed and ready in the days ahead. There probably isn’t a more beautiful way to see the woods and lakes that are offered in the Grand Rapids area. Download the Itasca County Snowmobile Trail Map, and Northern Lights Nordic Ski Association Ski Map and enjoy Head North to enjoy winter. Ice fishing, snowmobiling, and cross country skiing will let you share a piece of life that is very special.

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