Enhance Your Meeting at Sugar Lake Lodge Leadership Center

//Enhance Your Meeting at Sugar Lake Lodge Leadership Center

Enhance Your Meeting at Sugar Lake Lodge Leadership Center

The Secret Ingredient

Sugar Lake Lodge has been the host site of the Blandin Community Leadership Program (BCLP) for 25 years. This is a weeklong retreat of 24 participants, offered 10 times per year to individual rural Minnesota communities. A former Blandin Foundation President often refers to Sugar Lake Lodge as the secret sauce of their program.

The “secret ingredient” is what we aspire to be on behalf of every trainer, manager, or CEO that works with a group at Sugar Lake Lodge. So, like any business would do, we not only ask ourselves how we bottle it and sell it, but what we can do to improve it. This has led us to form a collaborative Leadership Center and welcoming Abby Oxborough as its Director. 

We think of The Leadership Center as an invaluable tool, where we provide unique programming options, as we openly partner with industry-leading facilitators from all over the country to elevate any and all types of retreats. If you don’t already have your own facilitator, we have the ability to connect you with expert trainers who specialize in making meetings and retreats more impactful.

The truth is, you can go anywhere for a meeting, but it really comes down to quality people, facilities, and service helping you reach your goals.

Your All-Inclusive, Distraction-Free Conference Center at Sugar Lake Lodge


  • 7,500 sq. ft. of meeting space (seven meeting rooms and lakeside meeting spaces)
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • On-site AV & tech support
  • Daytime, evening, and weekend availability
  • High-speed (GigaZone) ethernet and WiFi
  • Video conferencing
  • Full range of custom, gourmet dining choices
  • Unique, quiet location in the heart of the MN Northwoods
  • Registration and meeting planning services







We’ve come a long way since name games. We offer custom team building activities to compliment your strategic planning goals, including the option to utilize our Pecos-Style Ropes Course. We focus on facilitating everything from expert instruction to activity set up. No matter your goal, we’re here to support your desired outcomes. 


Together with our expert facilitators, The Leadership Center is proud to offer Organization and Professional Development Programs designed to align team members’ goals to a broader organizational goal. These programs offer a multi-disciplined approach that integrates team performance, leadership development, change management, and innovation. 


Companies of all shapes and sizes have benefitted from participating in custom Strategic Planning programs – but what is it your trying to find? Whether your organization is undergoing significant change, you’re looking to inspire innovation, or improve team performance to achieve goals, our facilitators custom design transformational experiences to enhance the skills, systems and processes needed for all members of your organization. Let us help you find your Blue Ocean.


We’re happy to offer your group the opportunity to include one of Minnesota’s top keynote speakers in program facilitation and leadership development. We’ve partnered with speakers specializing in leadership, executive education, team building, and organization development to enhance your next meeting and give your group a jolt of motivation.

Check out our leadership retreat resources at www.leadershipcentermn.com.

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