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    what's biting

    What’s Biting in Grand Rapids, MN

    what's biting

    What’s Biting in Grand Rapids, MN

    Article By: Tom Neustrom, Professional Fishing Guide

    Tom Neustrom shares with us, what’s biting in Grand Rapids, MN. As we move forward through the summer many discussions come up on specie specific and what is the best way to pursue the fish of choice.  Many visitors that come to Grand Rapids throughout the season know what a rich and dynamic place to come for a multiple of different species of fish. From walleyes to Muskies and every species in between, the opportunities are endless.

    Before you head out to fish in the Grand Rapids, MN area, make sure that you have your MN Fishing License is up to date, and you know what the MN Boat Regulations are.


    Walleyes Rising Eagle Resort Billiar Family 2023
    The Billiar Family caught these walleyes while staying at Rising Eagle Resort location on Jessie Lake.

    Walleye are what’s biting in Grand Rapids, MN. Walleye fishing has been good all season and now with the bug hatches pretty much over, walleyes on most lakes are definitely in their summer patterns. Because of the accelerated early heat we experienced for awhile it was hard to put a handle on exactly the locations they would show up. Early and in the season it was very predictable and of late the walleyes are definitely still available. Leeches and crawlers are center stage fished on a slip sinker rig, a small jig with a leech or half a crawler and power corking with a slip bobber and leech once located. Several of the lakes are producing walleyes from dusk to dark on crankbaits trolled along edges of shorelines and structure in 8-15 feet of water. Spinners with a minnow or half a crawler are also working during the day slow trolling edges of weed flats. Some of the lakes to give a try to are Pokegama, Big Splithand, Trout, Wabana, and Winnie. All will give you a good chance at putting some walleyes in the boat.


    what's biting
    Mike B, a Loon Point Resort guest caught this nice largemouth bass on Wasson lake.

    Large and Smallmouth Bass are very abundant in the waters surrounding Grand Rapids. Spinner Baits, Ned Rigs, Plastic Worms, Topwater, and a variety of crankbaits will all work on many of the bass waters in the area. Bass are also what’s biting in Grand Rapids, MN. The Bass fishing is so good here that many of the National Bass Fishing organizations have held tournaments throughout the Grand Rapids area. Major League Fishing has been here twice and all their segments have appeared on National Television numerous times.  B.A.S.S has also shown interest and done inquiries into possibly holding a BASS Elite Tournament in the near future. Just to mention a few lakes does not tell the story on what’s available. Some of the ones to take notice and fish when coming to Grand Rapids are Big Spider(where the World Championship Invitational Final was held), Wabana, Pokegama, Big Rice, Deer, and Trout Lake in Coleraine.

    Northern Pike

    what's biting in grand rapids, MN
    Olivia caught this 34 inch Northern while staying at Loon Point Resort on Wasson lake.

    Northern Pike are also abundant in the waters surrounding Grand Rapids and they are never shy about biting. They are kind of the flash and dash characters of our water and put up a good battle when hooked. There are many baits and presentations that will put Pike on the end of your line but here are a few and locations to pay attention to. Spinner Baits, Jigs and Plastics, Spoons, Topwater, Live Sucker Minnows under a bobber, and a Jig and Sucker Minnow or Shiner all work. Weed beds, rock piles, near shore structures all hold Northern Pike throughout the season. As for table fare, Northern Pike are excellent. Learn how to take the Y bone out and you will have excellent fish for the table. One way to dine on Pike is to soak filets in 7 Up overnight then boil them in same liquid. The meat is firm and flaky white. Dip them in a mixture of melted butter, garlic, salt and pepper.  YUM. Some of the lakes in the area that have excellent Pike fishing are Pokegama, Trout, Big Ball Club, Big Balsam, Swan, and Big Splithand and several others.

    Panfish Bowstring Resort Guest 2023
    Bowstring Resort Guest found success in catching several panfish.

    Panfish are another species of fish that is biting in Grand Rapids, MN. Panfish are in every lake in the Grand Rapids and Itasca County area. They are prolific spawners and provides action for anyone wanting to catch a bunch. Bluegills and Crappies are the main target fish, but yellow perch can also be caught with regularity. Not a complicated presentation will allow you to catch panfish. Of the two, Crappies can be a little more finicky at times and their numbers are most often far less than bluegill. There have been some increased modifications on presentations other then live bait over time. Small jigs with plastics put their share of panfish in the boat especially crappies. A plain hook under a slip bobber and a piece of worm or small leech is a panfish meal of choice. Some of the good panfish lakes in he area that are good destinations are Big and Little Splithand, Big Balsam, Little Moose, Big Rice, Bass Lake in Cohasset, Pokegama, Jay Gould, Little Cutfoot,  and Little Ball Club. All have good great opportunities to catch a bunch.

    Start planning your Fishing Trip To Grand Rapids

    There are several species and many locations to catch fish in the Grand Rapids, MN area. This is why many consider Grand Rapids to be “The Jewel of the North” when it comes to fishing. To learn more about fishing in the Grand Rapids, MN area, click HERE. This webpage includes lakes to consider, boat rentals and fishing guides to book for a memorable fishing trip. Grand Rapids, Minnesota offers cozy lodging, historic sites, beautiful public art, fun events and festivals, fun places to listen to live music, and eat & drink. Grand Rapids, Minnesota is a destination for the whole family. Start your planning by downloading our interactive Grand Rapids Visitor’s Guide.