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The 2021 Firearms Deer Season is upon us and the weather looks to be perfect for enjoying time with family and friends. With temperatures forecast in the low 50’s, it should be a weekend that is a bit more comfortable than in years past. Many hunters have been prepared for weeks. The building or fixing deer stands, scouting areas where they will be hunting, making sure all clothes are clean and ready to go. There are always things that need to be followed upon. Making a checklist is probably a great idea and can help not to forget something important. Weaponry is an all-important part of firearms deer season and cares for your guns is all crucial. Make sure your guns are unloaded when traveling to and from your deer stand and the weapon is cased. Make sure you have a pocket compass with you especially if it’s a long walk to your stand. Always tell someone where you are going to be and make sure especially family members of the area you are intending to hunt. Bring your cell phone with you and always make sure it is charged up. There are some areas that have no or very poor cell phone coverage, and this is another reason to let someone know where you are hunting. Other items to remember are approximately 30 to 50 feet of good strong rope, matches in case you have to build a fire, and scentless heat packets to keep hands and feet warm in case you have to spend a night in the woods.


The opening weekend of deer season is an important event to you, your family, and friends. Make 2021 a very comfortable and safe season by acknowledging a few of these tips. Make it a successful and safe opener.

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