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Archive: March 2018

Spring is a great time for Girlfriend Getaways to Grand Rapids, Minnesota. The spring time of the year allows you to get outside more to enjoy warmer weather, fresh buds on the trees and flowers starting to appear, and northern wildlife starts emerging from a long winter’s sleep. So, get your girlfriends together and have […]

This week’s Grand Rapids Ice Fishing report by Tom Nuestrom, highlights panfishing in Grand Rapids. The recent snow storm has caused a tremendous amount of water on the ice. Foot travel is probably advised at this time, and still bring an extension for your auger because we still have a lot of ice. Many of […]

There is something very special about traveling the backwoods of northern Minnesota, and Grand Rapids has lots of backwoods to seek adventure! In the Grand Rapids, Minnesota area there are over 1,300 miles of roads to travel, and most of them can be considered backwoods roads. Below is a couple of scenic drives that will […]

          Answer: In Grand Rapids there are many FREE things to do, and they change depending on the time of year you visit. Grand Rapids, Minnesota is a wonderful family leisure destination and outdoor sports recreation destination, but it is also a great place to hold corporate retreats, and other group […]

Some may ask, “There is a night life in Grand Rapids, MN?”, and our reply is “Yes”. Sometimes people don’t think of night life in a small rural up north town. But, Grand Rapids is not typical. You will find live music, art walks, world class theater, and more. Grand Rapids, Minnesota offers a wide […]