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    Minnesota Covid-19 Updates!

    It has been a long few weeks, but as of January 11th the following restrictions will be changed in Minnesota.


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    Things to Recognize

    Thank you to our community for slowing the spread of covid-19. Also, thank you for supporting our local businesses who have pushed through these challenging times. Their fun new creative ways for outdoor dining in December in Minnesota has hopefully brought some good memories besides being chilly.

    A special thanks to businesses, who we all know have struggled so hard during covid. Your work is your baby and your family and to be told to close doors or limit what you can do, must have been so challenging. Thank you for continuing to serve our community and make the most of this pandemic.

    Although the way of life has changed, we have experienced new connections virtually. From watching theater shows online, to Facebook live trivia and maybe even a zoom holiday.

    Check out Mn.gov for Covid-19 Updates and Resources

    On this site you can find information about the vaccine, how to stay safe and adjusting the dial between covid, the economy and overall well being.

    For vaccine information: https://mn.gov/covid19/vaccine/index.jsp
    Getting tested: https://mn.gov/covid19/get-tested/index.jsp

    Adjusting the dials: https://mn.gov/covid19/stay-safe/overview/index.jsp

    Guidance for staying safe:https://staysafe.mn.gov/

    To learn about the different covid variants: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/transmission/variant.html

    COVIDaware MN App

    To become aware of potential exposure in your area download the COVIDaware MN app. This app is now available in the App store and Google Play store. This app is privacy protected but also helps keep your community informed of Covid. To learn more about what the app provides the click link below. https://mn.gov/covid19/covidawaremn/about-app.jsp

    Please continue to mask up and social distance. Let’s continue to make progress to end covid-19 so we can once again work, play and enjoy all the things we love. Together we are #ItascaStrong!