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    Grand Rapids Ice Fishing Report 1-18-21

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    This week’s report brought to you by Tom Neustrom, professional fishing industry representative.

    When someone talks about diverse fisheries, one place that always comes to anglers minds is Grand Rapids. There is so many species and opportunities to choose from and there is another season upon us in the winter that holds additional angler options. Inland trout fishing and sometimes called stream trout season recently opened and can be a hoot when experienced. Grand Rapids is loaded with small walk on trout lakes that offer stocked Rainbows, Browns, and even some have Brook Trout. Our DNR has maintained good populations of trout stocking to provide opportunities for anglers that want to do something different in their winter ice fishing expeditions. There are also opportunities to catch Lake Trout in a few designated lakes in the area and every season there are Lakers in the 10 plus pound category that are put on the ice.

    For the smaller trout species some of the lakes to try are Kramer, Moonshine, and Taylor Lake outside of Hill City. Only one line is allowed and a Trout Stamp is required to fish all designated Trout Lakes and its so important to know the best options you will have and how to catch them. Electronics are so important to ice fishing and being able to track the proper depth that these amazing species are traveling. For Rainbows, Browns and Brookies small jigs baited with waxies or euro larvae are key. Live minnows are not allowed on designated trout lakes. Small flashy spoons or #3 Jigging Raps are also good choices for success and lite line such as 4# test mono is crucial to getting bit. The Humminbird Helix 5 or 7 are excellent units for finding and staying on trout in the winter.

    Bruising Lake Trout are a different breed. Again they can be in several areas of the water column, but will generally be in deeper depths than their smaller cousins that occupy shallower locations. Depths of 30-90 feet can be locations that Lake Trout will be in the hunt for a meal. Again good locations of Lakers can be tracked with the use of good electronics. Baits can vary, but most Laker anglers like bigger jigs and plastics that resemble bait fish such as smelt, shiners, and tullibees. A great place to stop in Grand Rapids to discuss the best options for Lake Trout tackle and places to chase them are 1000 Lakes Sports and talk to their talented staff on your best options. Some of the best lakes to contact nice Lakers are Sherry’s Arm on Pokegama Lake, Trout Lake (connected to Wabana) and Bluewater Lake.

    These are again why people come to Grand Rapids for the diverse fisheries that are offered. We offer the best opportunities in all of Minnesota to catch fish all through the year.

    Thank you to those that submitted Ice Fishing photos to us this week: