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    getting ready

    Getting Ready For Open Water Season | Visit Grand Rapids

    Open Fishing Tips by Tom Neustrom

    Getting Ready
    Tom Neustrom, Owner of MN Fishing Connections Guide Service, with a nice catch and release walleye.

    Tom Neustrom shares his tip and techniques about getting ready for open water fishing. Another open water season is upon us and there many things to get ready before you slip your boat into the water. The siren sounds at midnight on Saturday May 13th and many anglers wait for the last minute to have all their tools ready to go. Are your boat batteries charged, is all your electrical functions including trailer lights are in good working order, are your trailer hubs greased just to mention a few things to make sure the start of the season begins successfully.

    Make sure your tackle is in good working order from the previous season. As a guide we get customers on the boat that haven’t changed their line in several seasons. For a few dollars you can change line on several reels that will help you to get started correctly. Check and clean your reels and add a few drops of gun oil to bail springs and spool shaft. A little simple maintenance will insure a great start on the water.



    Kids Like To Go Fishing Too!

    getting ready
    Tom Neustrom's nephews: Easton and Teemu Orhn, catch nice walleyes while fishing with MN Fishing Connections last year.

    If you come to the Grand Rapids area to fish, and maybe have never spent time with us, we are blessed with some of the finest fishing lakes in Minnesota. The perfect destination to bring the entire family for a vacation. Almost every species that swims in the state inhabits the Grand Rapids area and you have countless opportunities to get information what bodies of water you would like to fish. Bait shops, fishing guides, sport shops, Visit Grand Rapids, and any number of the fine hotels-motels can provide insights prior to you coming to Grand Rapids to make your visit a memorable one.

    Walleyes are the most often fish of choice to catch, but make no mistake we have other species to add in your bucket. The multiple species that are available make the Grand Rapids area a jewel to visit. If you also like to pursue panfish we are one of the best kept secrets in the state. Crappies, sunfish, yellow perch abound in our lakes and a little information from area businesses will make excellent fishing available. The big walleye lakes can be very busy and some of our smaller panfish lakes are pretty cool to fish.

    Another thing to get ready for open water season is your kayaks and canoes. Make sure that they are up to date on their MN DNR registration (11 ft or more). Kayaks and Canoes are perfect for walk-in trails on lakes that do not have public access and/or for those non-motorized lakes. If you want to walk trails to secluded trout lakes and drag your kayak, float tube and be all alone we have that destination as well. Many small bodies of water located just north of Grand Rapids (take Edge of the Wilderness Scenic Byway, and put in at any of the lakes along the byway) have easy walking access to rainbow, brown, and brook trout lakes. The seclusion this provides is just another example of the excellent angling opportunities that the Grand Rapids area provides.

    Some Walleye lakes to consider in the Grand Rapids, MN area are:  Big Winnibigoshish ( Big Winnie), Big and Little Cutfoot, Bowstring, Sand, Round, Jessie , Deer, Moose, Big Splithand, Trout, and the Mississippi River (which flows right through Grand Rapids, MN).

    Start planning your Open Water Fishing Trip TODAY by viewing the interactive Grand Rapids Visitor Guide, and reading more information about fishing in the Grand Rapids, MN area HERE.