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Shagawa Shorty at Smoke on the Water

Shagawa Shorty at Smoke in the Watee
Bio from Shagawa Shorty’s FB Page:
It’s hard to get a bead on who (or what) Shorty actually is. Some maintain he is a shaved Sasquatch trying to pass as a human. Others suggest he was once a middle class parent who had a mental breakdown from imbibing in too much Barney, TeleTubbies and BooBah with his children. Some even suggest he may have once been a college professor or a kindergarten teacher! In fact, Shorty has claimed all of these origins at one time or another so it is nearly impossible to determine which story may contain a grain of truth and which are simply the products of Shorty’s fervent and twisted imagination.
What is clear is what happens when Shorty performs (either by himself or with his band the Derelicts). You’ll hear wicked, dirty slide guitar playing. blues ranging from Son House and Bessie Smith to  Muddy Waters and Howlin Wolf, as well the occasional tune by Paul Thorn, Chris Smither or Bob Dylan. Please be aware that you may also be subjected to Shorty’s outrageous stories. ridiculous lies and really bad jokes as Shorty seeks to emulate his idol, the late Utah Phillips.
When Shorty is at home he also provides luthiery (guitar repair) service for folks on the Iron Range in Minnesota.


Sep 15 2023


6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Smoke in the Water
94 Roosevelt St Coleraine, MN 55722 United States