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Unique Commercial Maple Syrup in Northern Minnesota

Here in the northern Minnesota, the Grand Rapids area, we are fortunate to have several commercial Maple Syrup producers. Two that we highlight in this video blog are: Timbersweet and Brubakers Acres. We selected these two because they are unique in several ways.
*Note: this is the first in our Vlog series. We have uploaded these two videos that are a part of this blog post in our YouTube Channel



Grand Rapids Farmers Market Booth

International Maple Syrup Awards

TimberSweet Sap House

Family and Friends that help for their Maple Fest.


Awarded 2016 Best of Maple Candy.

Butch (Ralph) and Amy Fideldy have owned Timbersweet Maple Syrup since 1980. Butch used to harvest sap from trees and cook down to make maple syrup with his friend Larry as kids. They started using an old “mud pan” that his Dad would use to mix concrete, to cook the sap in the early days, when they made maple syrup for their own enjoyment. 
Timbersweet is unique because Butch and Amy have invested in advanced technology to produce approximately 1000 gallons a year of maple syrup, making them one of the top 10 maple syrup producers in the state. 
Mark Your Calendars for Maple Fest: Sunday, April 14, 2019, 12pm-4pm located at 36131 Cty Rd 63, Cohasset, Minnesota, 55721.

Brubaker Acres


Outdoor Stove holds 45 gallons of sap.

Partially full sap bag.

Ashley and Layla tapping trees.

Finished product.


Ashley and Ryan sampling their Blanton’s Bourbon Maple Syrup

Ashley and Ryan Brubaker are the owners of Brubaker Acres. They are unique because they specialize in small batch artisan crafted maple syrup. They produce maple syrup for Blanton’s Bourbon, and this year they will produce artisan maple syrup for Town Hall Brewery and Cantilever Distillery. 
Their investment in better equipment has allowed them to grow and expand. Currently they tap 150 maple trees that are located on their property in a remote area of Grand Rapids, Minnesota.
They produce approximately 53 gallons of maple syrup each year. They have been producing for 3 years commercially, and as a hobby for 8 years. They enjoy the connections that they have made over the years through their maple syrup business, and look forward for continued growth and new ventures to come.

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