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Explore Grand Rapids in its most infamous season.


Read more from local snowshoe enthusiast Tom Saxhaug.


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The Forest History Center

Four miles of trails meander through a 1900’s logging camp, as well as pine forests along the Mississippi River.

(218) 327-4482

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Legion Park Trails

Six miles of trails weave their way through the many forest types found in Northern Minnesota. The trailhead is located just off the Grand Rapids High School parking lot. Call the Grand Rapids High School for details.

(218) 326-2500

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Joyce Estate Trails

Located north of Grand Rapids, Minnesota, the buildings that make up the estate had been a retreat for Chicago’s Joyce family who were early loggers in the area. Contact

(218) 246-2123

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Sugar Hills Trails

The reward is a spectacular view. Bushwhack your way through the remnants of a 60s era ski area. Scaling the slopes will reward you with spectacular views.

(218) 326-1313

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Tioga Trails

Trails wind around the mining dump once used by Hanna Mining in their quest for iron ore. A few trails are challenging, but the snowshoer will be rewarded with excellent vistas overlooking surrounding lakes.

(218) 328-6225

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