Grand Rapids & Biking: Match Made in Heaven

Northern MN is known for our gorgeous summer, vibrant fall, rejuvenating spring and icy winters. From mountain biking to fat tire biking, there isn’t a season you can’t find a two-wheeled adventure!

The Monster Truck of Mountain Bikes

Made for Minnesota’s winter, fat tire bikes have a rubber surface twice as wide as standard mountain bikes and a much lower, “squishy” tire pressure. This increased surface area allows better traction and keeps riders from sinking into the snow, mud or sand.

They are a great way for riders of all ages and experience levels to get outside and into nature. From easy riding and sight-seeing to more adventurous mountain biking- fat tire bikes let you explore Northern MN in all terrains and trail conditions.

Northern Minnesota Bike Trails

Beautiful trails are available for the public in the Grand Rapids area. Some of our favorite warm-weather  biking trails include:

Best winter trails for fat tire biking:

Biking Community in Grand Rapids, MN

Check out our video showcasing some of the benefits fat tire biking in Northern MN:


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