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Grand Rapids Area Male Chorus

Grand Rapids Male Chorus Arts & Music in Grand Rapids, MN

Project Description

A fun place to get together and enjoy the music

Contact: Eileen Grosland
Grand Rapids High School
800 Conifer Dr
Chorus Practice Room
Grand Rapids MN, 55744
Phone: 218-246-2181
Phone: 218-328-5572

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Mondays: 7pm to 9pm
Main doors to Reif Center. Ask one of the singers for directions.

Music really is the international language! We have seen how true this is in our different groups again and again.

Our music entertains our guests and is fun for us to make. We practice hard and gather new experiences from numerous performances. That’s a lot of work, but it’s also a lot of fun. And since playing also make you thirsty, some even wind up after our practices with a drink or two together.

We are happy to have new additions to our family. Just drop by. You’re bound to like it!

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