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Paddling in Grand Rapids Minnesota

Paddle boarding
Blog Guest Writer: Holli Busching, owner of Paddle Hoppers, highlights paddling options in Grand Rapids, Minnesota.

After a long winter here in Northern Minnesota, it’s finally paddle season, Yay!  There is something so peaceful yet energizing about being on the water in a non-motorized craft.  The ability to be able to hear, smell and see nature up close and personal adds that magical touch to a paddling outing, be it in a kayak, canoe or on a standup paddleboard.  A question I get a lot, being a paddle shop owner with rentals, is where should we go paddle?  Fortunately, that’s an easy one because Itasca County is home to 1007 lakes, a good majority with public accesses, some carry in only for those who really want to get away. One Thousand and seven!?! Ok, maybe we should narrow it down a little.  Here are some excellent places to paddle.
Prairie Lake located right outside of Grand Rapids to the north has a very scenic southern part called “The Gorge” which is reminiscent of the rocky northern shore.  It also has a park midway up the lake where you can take a break, stretch your legs and eat lunch.  Siseebakwet or Sugar lake is south of town and offers aqua clear waters and a restaurant where you can take a swim and grab lunch.  Another great lake is Spider. The southern part is located in a semi-primitive area (non-motorized for vehicles).  There are multiple designated camp spots and accessible hiking trails, making it a perfect lunch stop or overnight camping destination. Let’s not forget the Mississippi River, remember I am located on it!  It offers great paddling for hours or days and provides some amazing sights, plus if going down the river, it helps you paddle.  I have so many other places not mentioned here so stop in and let’s talk!  We are open for the Summer, Tuesday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm, Saturdays 9-3pm and Sundays 9 to noon.
If you aren’t sure you want to go it alone, Paddle Hoppers is now offering guided kayaking trip/tours on Thursdays throughout the summer to some of our local favorites. Visit our website for details on all the services we offer.  So where are YOU paddling today? Follow Paddle Hoppers on Facebook:

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