Book Your Spring Getaway To Grand Rapids, Minnesota


Winter got you down? Head north to northern Minnesota for Spring Fun! Even though this winter has been mild in comparison to previous winters, we know that everyone is feeling a little cabin fever. So, we have created our Top 5 list for Spring Fun In Grand Rapids, located up northern Minnesota.


Could You Use A Workcation?


As we come around to almost a year of lockdowns and working virtually from home, consider taking your work up north. If you don't know what a workcation is, that is already a sign you NEED one.  Pack up the laptop bag and book someone to stay in Grand Rapids. Enjoy working from a cozy hotel room, cabin, coffee shop or even take it you work with you to the local wine bar. Everyone deserves a relaxing place to work, even during a pandemic.

Embark on the Edge of the Wilderness

The adventurous voyagers of nearly 300 years ago discovered it and now you can too - The Edge of the Wilderness Scenic Byway. Welcome to Highway 38, one of the first 20 designated National Scenic Byways. This Discovery Guide is your compass, designed to guide you through the outstanding natural and cultural history of the region. Celebrate our northern hospitality, hometown pride and the treasures of our natural heritage

Grand Rapids Public Art
Grand Rapids Historic Sites
Grand Rapids, Minnesota businesses are ready to serve you when you are ready to travel again. In Grand Rapids you will find cozy and safe lodging, craft breweries, an abundance of outdoor recreation, public art and historic locations.