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Mt Itasca Winter Sports Center

Mount Itasca, a winter sports center rich in history, has been playing host to ski jumping tournament’s since 1906. The Itasca Ski and Outing Club was comprised of European settlers who came to the iron rich lands of northern Minnesota to work the mines. They not only brought their strong work ethics from the old country, but their love of ski jumping. The I.S.O.Club started jumping on whats now commonly known as the second addition on Trout Lake, and yes, they finished their landing’s out on to the frozen shores of Trout Lake.

The jump was moved to its current location at 200 Mount Itasca Drive in Coleraine, Minneota during the summer of 1941. The Ole Mangseth 70 meter ski jump can be seen towering over the tree tops of the Mount Itasca facility and serves as a staple fixture for the area. It shadows the 40, 20, 15, and 10 meter jumps that service the the entry to intermediate ski jump enthusiast.

In the 1950’s a small alpine operation was sculpted into the hill side east of the 70 m Mangseth jump. Approximately 13 down hill runs service the recreational skiers and snowboarders at an affordable rate. “My

primary goal in operating the Mount Itasca alpine facility is to expose as many kids to the to the alpine lifestyle as possible while fostering a love for the outdoors, explains general operation manager Jeff Fortune. The facility serves as a seguay to getting young kids interested in participating in these activities at an affordable rate, and I feel we excel at doing that.”

Additional activities that you can do at Mount Itasca is cross country ski and snowtubing. Mount Itasca has 10KM of cross country ski trails that they keep well groomed. Mount Itasca added snowtubing as a way to get people who do not necessarily ski to come out and enjoy the winter sports center. This is great for groups.

Mount Itasca will play host to two events on February 23rd -25th 2018. The first is an Invitational ski jumping tournament and the annual Rex Montis snowboarding competition. Make plans to come out and watch the high flying excitement of both. For additional information contact Jeff Fortune at 218-259-0085.

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