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Late Season Fishing – Grand Rapids Fishing Report

Late season fishing report for the Grand Rapids, MN area by Andy Walls, Thousand Lakes Sporting Goods.

Fishing has been pretty decent the last week. Anglers are beginning to have some consistent success again now that the water temps have cooled a little. Walleye, pike, muskie, panfish, and bass have all been actively biting.

Bass and panfish have been found in the same areas lately. The deeper cabbage and coontail edges have proven for steady action. Panfish leeches, night crawlers, and wax worms all are yielding good action under a slip float with a small 1/32 ounce jig. The bass are being located in the same areas, so often just a larger presentation will entice them into biting more frequently. A skirted jig and craw combo or a Texas rigged work both have been providing a lot of action! Most of the action has been in 12-16 feet of water.

Walleye have really gotten more consistent over the last few weeks. Anglers are having the best success trolling spinner rigs and nightcrawlers in 18-25 feet of water at 1-1.7 MPH. Covering water to find active feeding fish has been the trick to getting better than average days. Deep weed edges, rocky humps and points, wind blown areas have all been producing the most action.

Muskies and pike both have been cooperating well for anglers targeting them. We are seeing and hearing that most of the fish have been caught mainly on the deeper weed edges or primary structures protruding into the main lake. 8-16 feet of water has been the key depths for active fish. A variety of bucktails, jerkbaits, and large rubber baits have all been the hot lures.

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