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Late Fall Grand Rapids Fishing Report 10-30-19

This week’s Grand Rapids Fishing Report brought to you by Tom Neustrom, owner of professional fishing guide service, MN Fishing Connections. “The 2019 open water fishing season is winding down and there are still a few opportunities available for the brave of heart”-Neustrom

The Mississippi River is still providing catch-able walleyes not only in a boat, bu from shore below the several dams that stretch north and east of Grand Rapids, If you’ re cruising different dams to try for walleyes this late in the season, watch for gulls picking off bait fish below the dams and these can be primary places to try. A jig and plastic tail, jig and minnow, or casting and slowly retrieving Shad Raps or other minnow imitation baits will get the interest of hungry walleyes. Early and late in the day seem to be best, but on the colder days especially when the sun comes out can be crucial. Bring a couple rods with different baits and switch off from time to time.  “Give em what they want”. Not a bad idea to wear a life vest when bank fishing this time of year. Water temperatures are in the low 40’s and the current presently is moving rather quickly.

Ice fishing is right around the corner and being ready is critical. Change your line and put fresh mono or braid on all your ice reels. Sharpen or change your auger blades. Check your portable shack to make sure critters didn’t have their way with the inside, No one wants to start the ice season with holes in the canvas. You may need a new battery for your winter depth finder. Now is the time to get a new one and be ready for first ice. A few things that need to be checked can make your ice fishing experience a heck of a lot more enjoyable. The Humminbird Helix 7 is the state of the art depth finder for winter fishing and will give you a better understanding of what’s below in the winter. With GPS and all the features you will need out on the ice, it’s a purchase you will be thankful you made.

Now is the time to book your Ice Fishing Trip Up North! Grand Rapids, Minnesota has over 1,000 lakes to catch fish! Check out all of the Grand Rapids Lodging Options to make a full weekend!Bring the entire family, check out our Plan page where you select how much time you have while you are in town and we will show you what there is to do.