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How To Travel Safely During Covid

Since the start of Covid-19 so many aspects of life have changed, especially traveling. If you are traveling  during Covid-19, here are some precautions and tips to take.

Things to Keep Handy!

This is Klockow Brewing Company. Customers and staff are required to wear masks at Klockow.

Masks, Masks and More Masks!!!!

Most places you visit require masks to enter their business. In Minnesota and Itasca County we spread the message by promoting “Mask up Minnesota“! By wearing a mask it decreases the spread of Covid-19. This helps keep travelers and our community safe.

Sanitizer & Disinfecting Wipes

The virus is spread through touching, coughing and sneezing. The best way to minimize the spread of the Covid-19 virus is to wash your hands frequently. If a sink is not easily accessible, it is a good idea to carry hand sanitizer. Another recommendation is to have disinfecting wipes. The virus can be spread through touching surfaces. Wipe down gas handles, seats, tables and things that are commonly touched by others.

Reminders for When Traveling

Stay 6 Feet Apart

Social Distancing prevents the spread of Covid-19. It reduces the direct spread from person to person contact. If you have a hard time visualizing what six feet looks like, think about 6 bowling pins stacked together, a yoga mat, a dog leash and 6 spaghetti noodles. These all add up at 6 feet!

Avoid Contact

When someone coughs or sneezes they can release droplets onto surfaces. The best way to prevent picking up this virus is by avoiding touching your mouth, eyes and nose. It is also important to avoid being around a person if they  are sick. If you are sick quarantine, quarantine, quarantine!!! This is the best way to know  if you have ben infected. If you have       been exposed to someone with Covid-19 the same applies.

Before You Arrive, Consider The Following 

Due to Covid-19 some amenities have changed for lodging. Before choosing a place, call ahead and see pre-cautions they are taking. Questions to ask them are: Do you do contactless payment? Do you offer contactless check-in? and ask them if any of their regular amenities differ with Covid-19. Some hotels either do not offer continental breakfast or have created a safer options where you call ahead and order. In other cases like resorts, they might not provide towels or toiletries. The best way to have a safe trip is the plan it out. Call in advance to the place you are staying and the places you want to go. Check in and see what they do and what you can do to prevent the spread of Covid-19.  Check out Minnesota or Itasca Country for an example for what they are doing to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Mask up and Take the Precautions

Covid-19 has taken away family time, a sense of comfort and freedom. When you travel there is a feeling of ease as you step out of the house and onto an adventure. When traveling, mask up. By doing this you are protecting yourself and the people around you.

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