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Grand Rapids Late Fall Fishing Report 10-16-19

The colder weather of late has definitely had an impact on several species of fish this past week in the Grand Rapids area. Water temperatures have dipped to the high 40’s or around 50, but there are fish biting.

Crappies have been cooperating on area lakes and have been providing anglers with consistent action. Many lakes have crappies showing up in their late fall and early winter locations and will probably hold true the rest of the season. Big and Little Splithand, Big Cutfoot, Little Moose, Loon, and Pokegama have been producing nice crappies. One sixteenth ounce and one eighth ounce VMC Mooneye jigs with a minnow or even a half of minnow for tough biters has been all you need. Soft action rods like the St. Croix 7 foot Panfish Elite Series telegraphs the slightest bite from cold weather fall crappies. Most often you need to pay attention to just the tip of the rod bending oh so slightly then firmly setting the hook.

Walleye fishing too has taken on a different direction and you will definitely notice a time of the day is making a difference. In the late fall mid day for aggressive biters and most often the last 2 hrs of daylight can be the best bite of the entire day. Like other species,  a jig and minnow is the preferred bait of choice. Wind swept shorelines and funnel down areas along shorelines seem to be prime locations for walleyes this time of year. Existing green cabbage weeds along deep breaks and scattered rock will give you locations that will hold these late season walleyes consistently. Trolling crankbaits like a #7 or #8 Shad Rap at night can also produce not only average size walleyes, but also some real brutes. Depths of 6-20 feet should be the preferred locations when trolling in the evening. Always wear a life jacket when out fishing, but especially during these cool water periods. Hypothermia can set in quickly when falling overboard and a lifejacket will save your life. The fall has turned another corner and the cold water  period is right around the corner.