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Grand Rapids MN Fishing Report June 17, 2020

Tom Neustrom with nice walleye caught on a Grand Rapids, MN lake middle of June.

This week’s Grand Rapids, MN Fishing Report (June 17, 2020) brought to you by professional fishing guide: Tom Neustrom, owner of MN Fishing Connections. If you are looking for a memorable fishing experience give Tom a call at 218-259-2628.

With the warm weather entering our lives, it also kicks fish of multiple species into summer locations. On many of the lakes in the Grand Rapids area, weed growth is key and presentations will dramatically change. The early season jig and minnow bite has started to change and make sure you bring crawlers and leeches along with your minnows. One key thing I’ve noticed over the years is inside of the mouth of walleyes we are catching right now on several lakes are grey rock leeches. They are small but easily seen and that tells me that preference of bait can change.

Walleye’s diet consists of many varieties of food and make no mistake they are especially

Tanner Peterson from Anoka, MN, caught this nice walleye while fishing with Tom Neustrom.

fond of critters that live on the bottom that emerge and swim together by the millions. Numerous bug larvae, small leeches, and minnows are the diet that most walleyes grow up on, so why wouldn’t they continue to dine on them as well as small fish of many combinations. Good question! Rigging with leeches and crawlers will become the norm but there are other things that work equally as well.

Pulling spinners at 1.20 to 1.50 MPH over the top of weeds or on edges can be deadly for summer walleyes. Consistent speed is one of the keys to success. No more than 30 feet of line out and this is a great way to locate active walleyes in the weeds. Are all weed beds good choices? Most often we target green cabbage as our first choice because they always seem to produce fish. Water clarity can have an impact on lake choices and I prefer lakes with some color rather than gin clear for pulling spinners during the day. A small chub or half a crawler are excellent choices for summertime spinner walleyes.

Some of the lakes in the area this presentation has been effective are Big Splithand, Bowstring, Jessie, and Big Cutfoot. Bass fishing has turned up with the heat and we will discuss some cool methods and places to fish next week.

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