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Grand Rapids MN Fishing Report June 10, 2020

Ryran Bode, Hutchinson, MN, caught this nice walleye on a recent guide trip with Tom Neustrom.

This week’s Grand Rapids Fishing Report brought to you by Tom Neustrom, owner of professional fishing guide service, MN Fishing Connections.

Assessing the season has been interesting this year. The weather at times has been outstanding, then Mother Nature throws us a punch. All in all its been a good start to the summer season and we know it will continue. The walleye fishing has been good on area lakes. As we see a few lakes experiencing bug hatches, things will begin to change. The jig and minnow bite has been consistent, but many anglers are doing well on leeches and crawlers during the day and trolling crank baits in the evening. Some of the lakes to concentrate your efforts are Big Splithand, Pokegeama, Jessie, Moose, and Trout lakes. As the weed beds start to reach their optimum, even anchor up or Spot Loc with your electric motor and fish a slip bobber and a leech. Can be very effective.

Bass fishing has been excellent with bass on the beds in most bodies of water. When a cold front descends upon us, make sure you tone down the size of your offering and fish slower. Bass have a tendency to move slightly deeper or burrow down into heavy cover until weather stabilizes. Small Ned Rigs and Hair jigs can produce bass when other presentations don’t produce. Most often spinning gear with 8# test capable of making long casts can be very beneficial for success. Good lakes to target are Pokegama, Loon, Turtle, Rice, Trout and Deer.

Panfish are off the beds for the most part and there has been good opportunities to catch nice sunnies with a few crappies mixed in. Small jigs with a chunk of worm will usually be all you need, but sometimes the smallest leech available will turn on even the most finicky of panfish. Lots of lakes in the Grand Rapids area have excellent panfishing. You will never run out of choices.

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