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Grand Rapids MN Fishing Report 7-9-20

Whew!! The heat has been exhausting and tough to deal with. Fishing can be very different when effected by extreme heat. Early and late in the day seems to be your best choice avoiding the heat.

Bass and panfish really don’t mind the warm temperatures, but walleyes and northern pike seem to seek out cooler water and the shade of the weeds.

We have discussed this many times in the past and with these extreme warm weather conditions , it’s imperative that you understand that walleyes will seek out comfort and food where available. WEEDS!! We in the past have always thought in most instances walleyes move deep in the summer months and will stay there until the Fall and beyond .I learned many years ago that large numbers of walleyes will move shallow in the heat of the summer and occupy weeds, especially cabbage. There is shade and food in these locations and scattered weed beds near deeper water are the best target areas. Many times when the water temperatures reach the middle to upper 70’s weed beds are walleye’s virtue and will remain there all the was through early ice up.

The guides and anglers that pull spinners over the top of these meal buffets will cash in on some consistent successes. # 3 or 4 Colorado blades in Gold are the preferred blade sizes because of sound and flash in the majority of spinner situations. I prefer a small chub or golden shiner in these situations or even a half crawler can grab a few bites when all else fails. Speed is all important and line length can vary in accord with water clarity. From 1.0 to 1.4 mph is a good speed and a 1/8th pounce cone sinker to slither through the weeds without snagging is essential. A 7-7 ½ foot medium action rod like a St. Croix Avid spinning is a great choice for spinner trolling. This is a great presentation in the summer heat to locate and catch  walleyes in the heat of the summer. Some great weed walleye lakes to check out are Trout, Bowstring, Sand, Round, Big Splithand, and Big Winnie.

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