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Grand Rapids MN Fishing Report 7-22-20

This week’s Grand Rapids, MN Fishing Report brought to you by Tom Neustrom, owner of professional fishing guide service: MN Fishing Connections.

As we near the halfway mark of the 2020 open water fishing season, its evident that more anglers are fishing this season than in past memory. It goes to show that fishing is an activity that few will ever give up. License sales are off the charts with bait and tackle shops reporting record sales.

With summer comes several ways to catch walleyes, not just jigs, rigs and spinners. For many anglers trolling crankbaits at different depths can be fun and efficient. Most walleye trollers in the Grand Rapids area target depths of 6-20 feet depending on weed cover, gravel or rock bottom. Line length will vary according to the dive plane, lip and lure design.

Speed can also play an important part of trolling and can affect depth the baits are running, but only slightly.  In recent years the use of line counter reels allows you to be more consistent and repetitive with exactly how much line to let out, Varying the length of line and getting bit makes short work of distance. Without the line counter reels you’re just guessing at best. Line choice is also important and for the most part braid is a much better choice than monofilament. Sufix 832 is the choice of many anglers that troll crankbaits and has little or no stretch. Lures have a tendency to dive 10-15 % deeper when using braid as opposed to monofilament. I prefer 8# Performance Braid with an 8# mono or Fluorocarbon leader attached with a uni-knot.

Covering large expanses of water is a key ingredient in trolling crankbaits and make no mistake it can  make for a successful day on the water when other methods aren’t producing. Number 5, 7,8 and 9 Shad Raps are some of the most popular baits for trolling and they get you started in the right direction for improved methods in the future. Besides walleyes, northern pike can be a bonus fish doing the same trolling methods. Speeds of 1.75 tp 3.0 mph should be about the proper numbers when allowing the baits to run true and efficient.

Some of the lakes in the Grand Rapids area that are good choices for crankbait trolling are Big Winnie, Pokegama, Big Splithand, Trout and Wabana. Early in the day and evening hours seem to be great times to troll. Also cloudy days seem to produce well especially on clearer water lakes.

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