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Grand Rapids MN Fishing Report

The summer continues to move along and now there is a hint of coolness at night and the morning that is unmistakable. It also tells wildlife that changes are soon to happen and fall is looming. Under the surface of the water things will change also, and with water temperatures dropping 3-5 degrees of late there also is a sense of that change by fish species. Most often fish that live in depths of 15 feet and less are the first to sense those changes. They may occupy different depths in the water column and seek different food sources as well.

Panfish and largemouth bass seem to adjust to those changes and start to move to different locations, but not all at the same time. Fishing late season and fall crappies has been a passion of mine for several years. Their locations have already started to change slightly and it makes me wonder what continues to make them so aware of weather related changes. Starting to see differences in patterns has already started to take place, but not totally.

Crappies and bluegills are notorious schooling fish and there are signs of them grouping up. Small jigs with plastic bodies or a small chub attached are catching a few more that exhibited in the last couple weeks. My favorite crappie jig is a VMC Mooneye with its pill shape that allows it to drop faster. With #4 test monofilament it’s tough to beat. Currently until crappies school up. Long line drag for them once they start to show up on your elecytonis. Pulling spinners is another way to cover water searching out individual fish that are scattered in 12-20 feet. Pick your calmer days to try this tactic for crappies do not like wind and waves. Some good lakes in the Grand Rapids area to try are Little Moose, Big and Little Splithand, Sand, Bowstring and Rice. All of these mentioned lakes have good populations of crappies and sunfish.

Where To Stay! 

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