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Heat of Summer Grand Rapids Fishing Report July 17 2019

Will Pappenfus, Thousand Lakes Sporting Goods, night fishing on a Grand Rapids area lake.

Tom Neustrom, shares this week’s Grand Rapids MN Fishing Report. “The heat of the summer has finally arrived and one species of fish reacts to this time of year”, shares Tom. Tom is a professional fishing guide and owner of MN Fishing Connections. 

Grant Prokop, Thousand Lakes Sporting Goods, caught this nice musky on a Grand Rapids area lake.

Muskie fishing takes a new twist this time of year and I saw something that I have seen in past years when it comes to locations of this very cool predator. I saw a Muskie, as I have in the past, swimming along on the surface like an alligator. In full view just cruising the top pf cabbage weeds like its patrolling its territory. In the heat of summer, cabbage beds are key areas to fish muskies. There are other locations near deep water that on certain bodies of water can attract these giants. Many times they can be suspended in deep water awaiting whitefish and tullibees that may be feeding on bug hatches. These two are a filet mignon to muskies. The cabbage fish are most often the most active and seen most frequently by anglers.
Fast paced Cowgirl bucktails (double bladed) or noisy top water baits can be the calling card for hot summer Muskie fishing. Tackle too has changed and longer rods, high speed reels, and 60-80 pound performance braid like Sufix 832 are the preferred components of successful Muskie anglers. Some of the lakes in the Grand Rapids area to chase Muskies are Deer, North Star, Spider, Moose, and the Mississippi River between the dams. All these bodies of water have great habitat and trophy fish available. Hiring a good guide for your first or continued Muskie adventures is a smart investment.
Right now the large and small mouth bass fishing is also good. Target the outside weed lines for consistent fishing for both species. with smallmouth bass target on areas mix with weeds and rocks. Chatter baits and drop shot is the best way to target smallmouth right now. Swim baits with action tails on plastics fished over the top of weeds and around docks is a great way to catch large mouth bass. 

Southwood Resort guests had good luck fishing for Northerns on Pokegama Lake.

For northern fishing, consider trolling crank baits on the outside edges of weeds and also if you want to fish live bait a jig and a small sucker minnow or a large sucker minnow under a bobber is a great way to catch northern pike from an anchored position. For decent walleye action on Grand Rapids area lakes fish a spinner rig slowly trolled over the top of weeds, with a small chub or half a crawler.
Contact Thousand Lakes Sporting Goods at 218-999-5992 for great information and the availability of good Muskie guides.